Essential jewelry pieces every woman should own

Buying a new piece of jewelry is exhilarating, since it’s not something we do every day. Purchasing luxury goods like fine jewelry is all about treating yourself or someone else…

Essential jewelry pieces


How much does custom jewelry cost?

When you really want a certain piece of jewelry, you can close your eyes and see it shine in your mind. You can always visit a conventional jewelry store to…


How to choose an engagement ring style

According to Tiffany & Co, a woman looks at her engagement ring about a million times during her life. So no doubt, it’s important to find the perfect engagement ring…


Can you return an engagement ring if she says no?

Proposing to the love of your life is a massive deal, but sometimes it doesn’t go according to plan! No matter how long you’ve been dating, getting down on one…


Are lab-grown diamonds real diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are absolutely soaring in popularity as people are starting to realize how incredible these diamonds really are in terms of both quality and value. But what’s the difference…


How to choose the right earrings for your face shape

Earrings are one of our favorite pieces of jewelry. By simply putting a pair in your ears, you can completely change your entire look. It may be tempting to want…


Platinum vs White Gold – Is Platinum or White Gold Better for Engagement Rings?

A lot of engagement ring shoppers make the same mistake: they think that the only decision they have to make is choosing the diamond or gemstone they want. This is…


Can You Wear Gold and Silver Together? Find Out the Best Ways To Combine Gold and Silver Jewelry!

It’s an entirely understandable question and many people often wonder: Can you wear gold and silver together? Mixing metals such as gold and silver can be confusing since it can…


Karat vs Carat – What is the Difference?

A Karat and a Carat Differ by More Than Just a Letter It’s pretty interesting how switching a single letter can entirely alter the meaning of a word! Some people…


Platinum vs. White Gold Engagement Ring: A Difficult Choice To Make

Bring on the Band Although the diamond is the heart of the engagement ring, there are subtle differences in the visual effect of using white gold or platinum to craft…


Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends for 2021

There’s no denying the impact that a bewildering 2020 will have on everyone’s mental health, lifestyle choices and spending habits. 2020’s massive ripple effect has almost instantly altered everyone’s priorities….


Donj: Your Trusted Slim Ring Provider in Laval

Quality, Creativity, & Most Importantly: Trust Donj Jewellery has developed a reputation within the Laval jewelry scene thanks to competitive pricing and incomparable product design. We achieve this by using…


Jewelry Gift Guide for the 2020 Holiday Season

The holiday season is coming up and we’re all thinking about how to put a smile on our loved ones’ faces after a year full of ups and downs. What…


How To Celebrate the Holidays in Laval with Covid-19

The verdict is in: residents of Quebec will not be celebrating the Christmas holidays as usual this year. The official Covid-19 safety measures announced by François Legault have made it…


Is Jewelry a Good Gift for Christmas?

With the holiday season in full swing, despite the effects of Covid-19, each and every one of us is trying to do the best we can to add a warm…


Your Trusted Local Jewelry Boutique – Right Here in Laval

In the Heart of Laval To this day, Donj Jewellery remains close to its roots. Established in Laval, our service center works with hand-selected raw material sourced from Montreal’s very…


Will Gold Win the U.S. Presidential Election?

As the US presidential election is approaching a decision, the climactic drama has resulted in a drastic surge of gold prices. Though we can’t directly correlate the price of gold…


8 Ideas for a Date in Montreal During the Pandemic

Finding ideas for a date in Montreal during the 2020 covid-19 pandemic is a task all on its own. Dealing with coronavirus restrictions by yourself is tough, especially if you…


Should You Sleep with Your Jewelry On?

Donj Jewellery oftentimes received questions regarding the long-term care and maintenance of our accessories. Along with cleaning, storage, and periodic refurbishing, a popular question we receive is: Should you sleep…


Can You Return an Engagement Ring?

In a perfect world where proposals always go as expected, there would be no reason to wonder whether you can return an engagement ring. The reality is, however, some proposals…


Can You Wear Gold Underwater?

Although Summer is just behind us and your 2020 Winter getaway is pretty much a distant dream, the experts at Donj Jewellery want to take time to iterate the dangers…


Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring – What is The Difference?

Having both the perfect engagement ring and the perfect wedding ring is something many people are looking for. Thoughts of diamonds and pearls and gold bands probably flow through the…


When Is The Best Time to Buy an Engagement Ring?

Luckily, Donj Jewellery is here to simplify a seemingly daunting task. We know that buying an engagement ring can be stressful without some gentle guidance. In other articles, we have…


Can You Wear Gold and Silver Together?

It’s an entirely understandable question and many people often do wonder: Can you wear gold and silver together? Mixing metals can be confusing since it can be done but is…


A Timeless Question: How Much Should You Pay for an Engagement Ring?

Tradition & Culture Diamonds have become intertwined with marriage as a result of several marketing campaigns first launched in the late 1930s. In an effort to help mining companies push…


Your Custom Engagement Ring Designer In Montreal

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you have a proposal in mind. You’ve built the foundation for a solid relationship and you’re finally ready to take it to…


Solitaire Engagement Rings: Why Less is More

When you try to picture an impressive engagement ring, the solitaire engagement ring is what often comes to mind. A single, large stone uncluttered by added embellishments. It’s straight forward….

Solitaire Engagement Rings by Donj Jewellery


Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Lab-Grown Diamond

The diamond industry has been heavily dependent on the limitations of technology since its inception hundreds of years ago. Mining, cutting and polishing of diamonds cannot be accomplished without the…

Lab Grown Diamonds


Handcrafted Jewelry in Montreal

Big diamonds, big money, big operations. That’s what you get through most industrial online jewelry marketplaces. Donj Jewellery is a Montreal jewelry store that we are proud to say has…

handcrafted jewelry in Montreal


Wedding Rings For Him and Her: Should They Match?

After all the thought and effort exhausted into choosing the right engagement ring, most people would like to feel as if the daunting task is over. Plot twist, my friend….


Is Gold a Good Investment in 2020?

So far, 2020 has been a wild ride. Tumultuous and unpredictable to say the least. We’ve seen how quickly our financial security can be taken from us if we rely…

women in red dress holding gold bars and coins


The Untold History of Engagement Rings

Although they have become a central part of family life today, very few people are familiar with the detailed history of engagement rings. The impactful meaning behind them is not…

history of engagement rings


The Most Outstanding Diamond Engagement Rings in Montreal

Choosing the right engagement ring isn’t easy. As a matter of fact, it’s different from one person to the next and I’ve actually described the entire process in depth throughout…


Top 10 Most Romantic Proposal Ideas in Montreal

If you’ve ever visited Montreal or are lucky enough to live here, we can probably both agree that the city is both magical and unique. Our wide variety of culture…

best places to propose in montreal


6 Gold Jewelry Trends You’ll See Across Montreal in 2020

In order to get ahead of this year’s upcoming fashion trends, we’ve compiled a sample of some of the hottest gold jewelry trends you’ll see across the Montreal Jewelry scene…

gold earrings new trend in 2020


Jewelry Repair Montreal | Give A Second Life To Your Gold, Silver and Diamond Jewels

Aftercare truly is the difference between a dull, outdated side piece and a sparkling, jaw-dropping piece of jewelry. Choosing the right jeweler will give a second life to your rings,…

admiring the polished gold jewelry


Custom Jewelry in Montreal that Flaunts Your Unique Style

IMontreal is one of North America’s most culturally diverse cities. We have a colourful history that is deep rooted and never stagnant as it constantly evolves with the people who…

custom jewelry montreal engagement ring


Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring in Montreal

What’s engagement without commitment? We would say it’s incomplete. While most will gawk over the grand brilliance of engagement rings, wedding bands are worn day in and day out in…

wedding rings montreal


Tips for Picking Your Engagement Ring in Montreal

“Not all diamonds are created equal.” This phrase was both simple, yet powerful, as it was spoken by a man whose family has been in the business of importing diamonds…

beautiful halo cut engagement ring made in Montreal


Stingray or Python?

Tough call. Both leathers used for our bracelets are exotic leathers that rank among the highest quality of animal leathers used in the wristwear industry. So how to choose? Well,…


Understanding Diamonds – What Are The 4 C’s Of Diamonds?

Out of the clamor of unimaginable heat and earthly pressure, natural diamonds were formed. So what makes one diamond different from another? What are the features that determine a diamond…


Why Leather?

Knowing yourself means knowing your roots, your culture, and your ancestry. Leather wristwear recalls a time where man was living off the land, experiencing an unparalleled closeness to the world…


Your Guide to Rare Metals

Gold A timeless symbol of wealth, success and prestige, Gold has been historically sought after due to its beauty and malleability. It is, without a doubt, one of the first…

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