One of the hardest things in the world is consistently working to become the best version of yourself. It takes sacrifice, dedication, discipline, and belief. Unfortunately, most people will never know what it’s like to be the best version of themselves. At Donj, we are a team of people working together to become the best versions of ourselves at the personal level and collectively at the business level. We want to build a jewellery company like no other.


To do that, we’ve combined years of jewellery crafting experience with the most modern, innovative 3D printing technology available to create the highest quality pieces (for surprisingly affordable prices). But that would mean nothing without some seriously memorable customer service – so that’s exactly what we aim to provide – every single time.

A New Era of Diamonds

A new wave of technology is reshaping the world of jewellery, with industry-rattling results. One such revolution is the advent of lab-grown diamonds. With ultra-modern processes, we are able to completely reproduce the process of creating diamonds and produce something truly spectacular. These lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds in every aspect. They have the same shine, the same composition – the same DNA as natural diamonds. We love using them – it allows us to create exceptional pieces without the massive price tag. But what’s most important to us is that our clients are educated and aware of the different options available.

3D Technology

We use the most modern technology available to create our jewellery. Each one of our designs is modeled in a 3D software before being cast in a 3D-printed wax mold. This allows us to increase the quality and detail of the jewellery while decreasing the cost! It’s the perfect formula to offer value to our customers without having to compromise on any aspect of the piece. This method of producing jewellery also allows us to create designs that were never before possible. We are able to completely engineer a piece to have multiple components, in multiple colors, that will all fit together perfectly. Our capabilities are literally limitless, allowing our clients to have completely unique pieces!

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