Donj is a simple term of endearment. A word that you would use to address a friend for whom you have the utmost respect. Not unlike sister or brother.

A Donj is someone who leads by example, helping you to see opportunity in what you thought were limitations. A person who you can rely on to be authentically transparent. That person who not only embraces responsibility but truly wears it with style.

A Donj is in hot pursuit of his ambitions, yet never allows that to get in the way of helping others grow.

A Donj is waiting inside each and every person.

It symbolizes the best version of yourself.

More than jewellery

Donj Jewellery was created to offer the wearer an authentic symbol of character that reflects your inner spirit.

uncompromising quality

We craft our products using the highest quality metals, leathers and gemstones. No exceptions. All of our fine jewellery is lab-certified to ensure a superb, lasting product.

cutting-edge methods

3D printing technology allows us to create ultra-finely-detailed jewellery that pushes the upper boundaries of quality. Each piece is then meticulously handcrafted to perfection in our Montreal boutique.

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