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Our experience, innovative technology and outstanding attention to detail place us at the upper tier of fine jewelry in and around the Montreal region. We have the expertise to craft some of the most brilliant wedding rings and engagement rings Montreal has to offer. Our craft extends beyond luxury, however. A heavy emphasis on thoughtfulness, artistic design, balance.. That’s what sets us apart. A ceremony as extraordinary as marriage deserves a symbol of equal magnificence. Let us grace you with a ring unlike any other.

Peruse our product catalogue filled with original designs or contact us directly for a completely unique custom engagement ring.

Engagement Rings Toronto
Donj Jewellery

Your Expert Advisor For Engagement Rings
In Toronto From Inception To Creation


Our experience, innovative technology and outstanding attention to detail place us at the upper tier of fine jewelry in Toronto. We have the expertise to craft some of the most brilliant wedding rings and engagement rings Toronto has to offer. Our craft extends beyond luxury, however. A heavy emphasis on thoughtfulness, artistic design, balance.. That’s what sets us apart. A ceremony as extraordinary as marriage deserves a symbol of equal magnificence. Let us grace you with a ring unlike any other. Diamond or no diamond, we have the perfect ring for you; if we don’t, we can make it for you and your beloved!

Peruse our online product catalog filled with original engagement ring designs or contact us directly for completely unique custom engagement rings.

You can also book an appointment with one of our expert jewellers, we would be glad to meet you and help you pick the perfect ring for your loved one!


It’s tough to overshadow diamond rings. For centuries, diamond jewelry has been recognized for its extravagance and undying beauty. A gentle balance of elegance and magnificence exists in each original design by Donj Jewellery. With raw materials that are reliably sourced and polished to perfection, the quality is undeniable. Pair premium quality with a profound working knowledge of the product and the result is the perfect engagement ring! A diamond engagement ring does not depend solely on the diamond but is best appreciated with a clever design that highlights that diamond’s greatest attributes.


Take note of how we have worked a variety of unique, atypical band configurations with astonishing settings in order to truly amplify the beauty of any stones, not just diamonds. Each stone is gently hoisted on a framework of yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, meant to optimize light reflection and compliment the beauty of the center stone within the engagement ring. Peek into our online catalog if you want to get a taste of the types of ring designs we have available for you. In any case, we strongly encourage you to take the time and discover the world of possibilities for your engagement ring. Although diamonds are the classic choice, there are many beautiful options for your engagement ring!

Witness them in person to grasp a vivid image of how impressive they are under natural light. Come visit our Toronto boutique where our current collection of engagement rings awaits your eager eyes. Better yet, bring some creative ideas with you so that we can take the time to work on an original design, incorporating each one of the elements that she holds dear to her.


Browse some of the most beautiful engagement rings Toronto has to offer. Shop from the comfort of your own home as you scroll through ultra high-quality images of each ring and its diamond. The finest details can be viewed with ease, minus the captivating glimmer of each diamond or stone.. This can only be appreciated to its fullest in real time and space. Still, the selection showcased throughout our online jewelry boutique makes it incredibly simple to buy an engagement ring online. Let our experts help you in your research: book an appointment today!


Select the carat for the engagement ring you had in mind – available in both 14-karat and 18-karat white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. You can then choose the colour and clarity grade of the diamond, respectively ranging from D-H and VVS1-SI2, or of any other gemstone. Finally, select the appropriate ring size and you’re on your way to receiving your everlasting diamond jewelry for her.


Consult our experts in fine jewelry who are here to help you through the process of creating a completely unique design for your loved one. We understand that there is a certain allure in gifting her with something that only exists between the two of you- much like your love. So don’t be shy to reach out with your ideas and any questions that you might have in regards to transforming your jewelry concept into a dreamy reality.


With this method, we also don’t waste any material in creating multiple versions of an engagement ring. We won’t be melting any gold or silver or buying any diamonds until the design is exactly what you want it to be. This results in satisfaction for all parties involved. The only limitation is your imagination: create the perfect engagement ring online with Donj Jewellery!


We link you with access to a palette of natural gemstones and the highest quality of diamonds for you to choose from. We are proud to source all our raw diamonds and gemstones responsibly, providing you with ethical engagement rings and wedding rings for a sustainable future. All types of gold and gold alloys are available for casting of the band body including dual-plated bands- a combination of two types of gold to offer a unique artistic asymmetry for your exclusive design and will complement the diamonds perfectly.


Members of the Donj family are consistently satisfied with the originality and finesse of our creations. Time and time again, we continue to blow our clients away with the one of a kind rings we’ve fashioned for them through meticulous work ethic and upstanding professionalism. Hard work combined with a real passion for jewelry creation will never let you down. Together, we create some of the most extraordinary custom gold engagement rings you have ever seen!


Donj Jewellery also offers a vast selection of women’s wedding rings as well as men’s wedding rings. Those are often simpler; you will find multiple jewelry designs in gold, white gold, rose gold and sterling silver, and the possibility of custom-made wedding rings, both online and in our offices in Toronto!

Do not hesitate to contact our experts to discuss bridal sets or our different options of wedding rings!

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