Can You Return an Engagement Ring?

In a perfect world where proposals always go as expected, there would be no reason to wonder whether you can return an engagement ring. The reality is, however, some proposals don’t go as planned. Relationships can sometimes be tricky beasts. Let’s say you’ve invested in this ring, pulled off the proposal of her dreams, yet somehow she isn’t willing to commit. Now, you are wondering what to do with your engagement ring if she says “no”.


Hold on to it


There are a couple of circumstances where it makes sense for you to hold on to your engagement ring. In the event that it’s a family heirloom with a certain sentimental value, it makes sense to keep it in the family and wait to see when there will be another opportunity to weave it into your life. If her “no” was more along the lines of a “not yet”, then the ring you’ve purchased can be saved for a later date when she communicates her readiness to commit to that life-long journey with you.


So.. Can You Get a Refund for an Engagement Ring?


The answer to this question depends upon the retailer. Before making a purchase, be sure to thoroughly discuss the return policy with your supplier. This is especially important if you buy an engagement ring online, where return policies may have exceptions when it comes to high dollar items or customized designs. Most places will not accept returns on engagement rings. Donj has a no-return policy for all engagement rings and items exceeding 3000$. It is often difficult to resell engagement rings since they are often customized designs or at the very least fitted to a specific finger size. This means that the used engagement ring loses value as soon as it leaves the store. Its remaining value lies in the raw materials such as the rare metals and diamonds. Some retailers may offer you a discounted buy-back option so that they can remove and re-use those raw materials. You will usually receive a store credit that is attributed to your next purchase.


But.. Can You Sell It?


If your jeweler won’t offer you a refund and you’re uninterested in store credit, there is still a possibility that you get cash back for your engagement ring. Pawn shops will strike a deal with you, though you might have to visit several before coming across an offer that tickles your fancy. Another option is an independent buyer, both in person or online. Make sure you hold on to any GIA certification or other gemological certification to prove the authenticity of the stones. Private buyers will usually offer you a dollar amount based on the value of the diamond and the settings used to keep it in place. You probably won’t receive your full amount, but these transactions are usually the most reliable way to make the most of your situation.


To Make a Long Story Short.. Can You Return an Engagement Ring?


Some times, yes. Usually, no. Do your best to inform yourself in regards to the policy prior to committing to your purchase. Private buyers are always an option in the event that she says no!

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