How To Celebrate the Holidays in Laval with Covid-19

The verdict is in: residents of Quebec will not be celebrating the Christmas holidays as usual this year. The official Covid-19 safety measures announced by François Legault have made it clear that the holidays will have to unfold under special restrictions in order to avoid further spreading the coronavirus and falling deeper into Red Zone situations throughout the rest of the province. With Montreal, Laval, Quebec City and even regions as far North as Saguenay Lac Saint-Jean falling into category 4 maximum alert (Red Zone), the only family gatherings that will happen will be via Zoom. We have been ordered to limit our travels during the holidays. Although this means that it will be an unusual holiday season for most of us, we have a few tips to help our friends enjoy these times to the best of our abilities.

A Virtual Gift Exchange

It seems as though Covid-19 has translated the definition of ‘face to face’ into ‘Zoom meeting’. We might as well continue with this trend when there are few alternatives in sight. A Zoom chat room will end up becoming an integral part of this year’s holidays, both at the table and under the tree. If you plan ahead, you can purchase your holiday gifts and have them shipped directly to your friends and family. Donj Jewellery is offering a gift-wrapping option at check-out so that clients looking to gift locally made Laval jewelry can have it sent in a classy gift bag on-time for the holidays. Express 2-day shipping means you still have time to choose the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones! Donj’s newest collection, minimalist slim rings, is inspired by the elegance of simplicity and make extraordinary gifts this holiday season. Personalized options allow you to select your choice of gold and diamond quality. Unique hand crafted Laval jewelry offers a beautiful surprise for those that we are forced to love from a distance this year.

House Party (Not Really.. We Mean the App!)

Yes, actual house parties have been banned since the early days of the coronavirus outbreak. The app, however, is perfectly in line with the current safety measures. This playful app is downloadable on any smartphone or computer, allowing users to interact through the online chat rooms much like Zoom. This app is more versatility, however, allowing users to create their own ‘room’ in the house party and move from room to room within your contact list. This allows you to be involved in multiple parties with the option of enjoying any of the multitude of activities that’s going on at your own convenience. Prompted with several games, this social network allows you to spend time with your friends or family members by facing them in Trivia wars, Uno, Charades, and plenty of other games available. Some people might even find this more entertaining than sitting around a dinner table.. Might as well go ahead and roll with the way things are going to play out this year!

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