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beautiful halo cut engagement ring made in Montreal

“Not all diamonds are created equal.”

This phrase was both simple, yet powerful, as it was spoken by a man whose family has been in the business of importing diamonds for several generations. This was the first piece of advice I would be given by somebody who would be an invaluable asset to the process of finding the right engagement ring in Montreal, my home town.

Viken – or Donj, as I’ve been calling him for the last ten years- has always offered me transparency and integrity from the very beginning of our friendship. We met before our adult lives began. This was long before I would have ever needed to consider buying an engagement ring for the love of my life. Before Donj was at the forefront of the Montreal jewelry scene. Yet, here we are, having this conversation.

I trust Donj. I know that he carries that same transparency and integrity into the way he does his business. Instead of focusing on a quick buck, he builds relationships for the long-term by being exceptionally honest and always stepping with his best foot forward. This is the type of dynamic I want with my future wife, so it only makes sense for him to lead me through this potentially confusing selection process.

“The price ranges based on the size of the diamond and the 4 Cs of diamond quality: cut, color, clarity and carat. That’s just because it’s incredibly rare to find diamonds that are both big and of the highest quality. But you don’t need to spend 30K to get a gorgeous ring. Trustworthy jewelers only sell diamonds that are G.I.A. certified, anyway, so it’s not always about the best quality but rather about what best suits a certain style of ring.” He added. That’s music to my ears. I love my girlfriend and I do appreciate the way a ring communicates commitment, but I also know that we both value bigger and better things.

The most important thing a man can do is to become more intimate with her style. You want the ring you choose to make her wildest dreams come true. This is the first and most important step in gifting her with a ring that says ‘I know you and I love you’. Take note of what she likes to wear. Does she prefer gold, silver or platinum jewelry? Is she simple, or flashy and extravagant? Does she like to wear her birthstone or a special type of gem? Maybe that could be incorporated into the ring design. When all else fails, invite her girlfriends over for a glass (or a few glasses) of wine to get the inside scoop on what she really wants. Quick tip: ask them pointers for the wedding ring too!

You want to choose from the various engagement ring styles, then build around that format. Each style basically dictates the way the main diamond is presented on the ring’s face. A single large stone is referred to as a Solitaire engagement ring. This is what a simple, yet classy lady usually opts for. If this single stone is surrounded by a setting of smaller sparkling diamonds, we call it a Halo. There are double halos (two rings around the center stone- extra flashy) and three stone engagement rings as well (three center stones instead of one). Those are pretty much the classic designs, and there’s a whole lot of vintage engagement ring designs to choose from that are much more elaborate. Don’t worry, we’ve provided pictures for you!

princess cut rose gold engagement ring handmade in Montreal Solitaire Setting Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring handmade in Montreal

Once you’ve settled on a style, it’s time to choose her center diamond. This begins with the Cut. It’s the only aspect of diamond quality that’s within the jeweler’s control, and that’s what puts Donj at the top of Montreal jewelry. He is extremely knowledgeable about choosing the right cuts. The angles and shape in which the diamond is cut has a massive impact on the way light passes into the stone; the right cut is the only way to achieve a brilliant sparkle.

Different Types of Diamond Cuts for Engagement Rings

The diamond color is the biggest variable as far as price goes, he explains to me. Diamonds are graded from absolutely colorless to yellow, or D – Z. Diamonds with less color allow a higher percentage of light to pass through them, resulting in a more glistening shine. D grade diamonds are incredibly expensive and often unnecessary. Diamonds graded G through to J are nearly colorless. The difference between colorless and near colorless diamonds is almost imperceptible to the naked eye. These grades are still considered top tier, and lower grades are still great options for white gold or platinum bands. If your band is yellow gold, you want to choose a diamond with less coloration. This is due to the tendency of yellow gold to bring the yellow out of the diamond. Still, lower grades that are optimally cut can still appear top notch when paired with white gold bands!

Clarity is a description of the diamond’s imperfections. Little fractures called inclusions exist in all diamonds, but some have more inclusions than others. Each inclusion takes away from the amount of light that is reflected back toward our eyes. From VVS (very, very small inclusions) to SI (small inclusions) you are looking at near perfect diamonds. Most people opt for SI1 or SI2 as they are still very close to the best quality available but don’t cost nearly as much as VVS. However, this all depends on the cut and setting, so let us work with you to get the most brilliance out of what you’re looking to achieve.

Carat weight is probably the least important aspect of the diamond, since you can cut a certain sized diamond to appear much larger than it is and reflect ample light for an absolutely stunning finished product. I’ve always heard that the size of the rock matters, but Donj reassures me that what really matters is the apparent size of the rock. If I pay more attention to the cut, the color and the clarity, as well as the arrangement of any surrounding stones, then we will be on the right track to gifting her with something breathtaking.

To illustrate his point, Donj unlocks a cabinet and removes a box that holds another box. My eyes are literally drawn to the shimmer of four engagement rings he has prepared for some of his clients. Most of these are round cuts. Round cuts, princess cuts and emerald cuts are the most popular because they tend to allow the most light in. The classic round diamond cut engagement ring eases into halo settings seamlessly, and that so happens to be what we have in front of us. The single halo round engagement ring he hands me looks like it’s from another planet. Clearly I’m no connoisseur, but man is this thing sparkly with its collection of smaller stones that surround the massive centerpiece. Next, he hands me a rose gold round cut halo engagement ring. This one looks similar to the first except the diamond is slightly smaller, which actually look better when contrasted with the rose coloration. If I was a girl, I would probably want this one. Or maybe this third one that he’s pulling out as I hand him back the first.

White gold solitaire engagement ring. I won’t tell you how many carats this is. But it’s actually not much larger than the other two. The gentlemen’s girlfriend like things to be rather flashy, but instead of giving him a significantly larger ring we agreed it would make more sense to accentuate its size with a slim band and no surrounding diamonds” he explains. It’s a deeper cut with an elevated setting, making it appear tall and crisp. With a dainty, white gold band, the diamond’s presence is boldly amplified. This ring is what comes to mind when I think of a grandiose engagement ring. I would be damned if this isn’t one of the prettiest engagement rings in Montreal.

This consultation brought me way back. Back to simpler days. A time where relationships were based on shared experiences and nothing more. I’m happy he walked me through this process and didn’t complicate it for me. I was feeling overwhelmed and clueless, but left feeling satisfied and reassured. This was a once in a lifetime experience for me, but I know this isn’t a unique experience for him. He sells engagement rings quite often, constantly growing his entourage of happy customers. He truly goes above and beyond in ensuring his customers get the best quality within their budget, as well as elite aftercare to ensure their stones look as brilliant as possible. If you’re looking for an engagement ring in Montreal, I can assure you that your search has come to an end. With Donj, you can’t go wrong.

Oh, and just to let you know, you can even shop our engagement rings online.

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