When Is The Best Time to Buy an Engagement Ring?

Luckily, Donj Jewellery is here to simplify a seemingly daunting task. We know that buying an engagement ring can be stressful without some gentle guidance. In other articles, we have discussed some of the what and how of engagement rings. This segment will focus more on the when. Although diamond prices are generally constant throughout the year, some retailers will occasionally have slight discounts. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a best time to buy an engagement ring, but there may be some savings to be made (especially when you shop diamond engagement rings online).


No Mega Discounts

Quality is quality.  There is a going rate for diamonds within the industry, and the profit margin on naturally mined diamonds is already very small. At Donj, the prices are especially competitive because we decrease the markup on the raw material as much as is feasibly possible. As a buyer, the wisest approach is to get in touch with an experienced jeweler who consistently sells quality. The price of diamonds are always relative to their quality. Stores who claim to have large, 25% + off sales are either selling imitations or diamonds of questionable quality. These large types of discounts simply to not exist in the diamond industry. You may be able to shave some dollars off if you happen to be buying gold when the price is low (assuming you choose to craft the wedding band from gold), but in all honesty the savings will be insignificant compared to the cost of the main diamond and potential accent stones.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Like all retailers, jewelers will occasionally discount some items including diamond engagement rings. There is a best time of the year to keep your eyes open, and that’s around Autumn as we approach the holiday season. Large vendors who may have high demand could potentially be motivate to move more inventory, thus slightly lower the prices of all their retail items. This simple facet of supply and demand allows them to unload more volume before the end of their fiscal year. During the months of September and October you should be on the look out for black Friday sales as well as Cyber Monday. You might also be able to snag a slight discount just before Christmas or before Valentine’s Day for the same reasons.

Get Ahead of the Game

The most important aspect of timing is to make sure you absolutely have enough of it prior to your proposal. You don’t want to be in a rush to make a purchase or jump on something you’re unsure of because you come across what you think may be a great deal. Take the time to build a relationship with a jeweler that you trust. He or she will be able to monitor the prices and potentially pick your diamond up when the price is right. Plan several months in advance. This puts you in a position to monitor opportunities throughout the course of the year and take your time to spot something special if it happens to cross your path. The time of year may save you a few dollars but planning long enough in advance will be sure to save you many headaches. Thus, the best time to buy an engagement ring? Definitely long before you intend to propose.

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