Wedding Rings For Him and Her: Should They Match?

After all the thought and effort exhausted into choosing the right engagement ring, most people would like to feel as if the daunting task is over. Plot twist, my friend. You have yet to purchase the wedding bands! Purchasing wedding rings in Montreal doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. If you think and plan ahead, this can be done quite efficiently. Perhaps even seamlessly. You might have actually considered this before splurging on your engagement ring, but usually, you want the wedding rings to compliment the engagement piece. Therefore, they will likely be chosen after you’ve committed to the big rock. The good news is that you’ve already built a relationship with your jeweler and he knows what your fiancé likes. Now you just need to let him know what you like. Hopefully there’s a little overlap between his preference and hers. Often times, though, this thought leads to a very relevant question: Should my wedding band match my partner’s? Although that is the norm, the honest answer is subjective. Yes, traditionally, weddings bands were meant to be worn as matching sets for her and him. But no, the contemporary social pressures are not so strong as to force your hand in any particular direction.

We no longer live in Ancient Times, therefore ancient traditions do not carry equal weight. If you’re attached to your Egyptian ancestry and want to honor their customs, then by all means get yourself identical wedding bands like the Egyptians did long ago. This symbolism evokes unity and shows that you are both on the same page, share similar taste and place importance on long-lasting tradition. For practical purposes, however, you may want to consider some slight variations when it comes to wedding rings for him and her.

The first difference is simply anatomical. Men almost always have thicker fingers than their female counterparts, therefore requiring a wider wedding band than she does. When you go wider, you usually go thicker as well in order to increase durability. This serves a dual purpose. Men who work with their hands can now easily wear their wedding rings daily without worrying so much about them breaking. Thus, the difference in size is both aesthetic and functional. You could see how it pays to also consider individual lifestyles when contemplating the ideal designs for both of you.

There’s also the simple question of taste. Some couples just don’t agree on everything but the biggest asset to a fulfilling marriage is the joined ability to find compromise. If your tastes are entirely different, consider matching engravings on the inside instead! This maintains a unique shared element to the marriage rings which can be heart-warmingly original. If your tastes only vary slightly, your rings can still complement each other in several ways. You can use the same alloy for both rings, such as 18K white gold, yet shape them to your specific likings. The inverse is also true, where you can decide on a similar design but choose different materials for each respective band. You can choose to incorporate a similar gemstone on either band, or wear a similar ring to hers without any stones on your version at all.

As you can probably begin to understand, the possibilities are pretty vast as far as maintaining some sort of similarity between the two without compromising your individuality. Wedding rings can be as simple or as extravagant as each of you wants them to be. One final consideration might be to buy two sets of wedding bands. This way, you have a matching set for pictures and special occasions. Otherwise, you have the option to slip into the version that you’re more comfortable with wearing on a daily basis. This way, you get the best of both worlds. Be sure to mention all these options to your trusted jeweler when shopping for your wedding rings in Montreal!

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