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Donj Jewellery’s full service boutique is committed to satisfying the needs of each and every client to the highest standard. Find Donj on the Southern edge of Laval, easily accessed via a guest parking lot on Levesque Ouest. Our workshop is equipped to accommodate all Laval Jewelry needs, from revitalizing existing accessories with a slick polish to designing a completely custom piece from scratch!

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Donj sits comfortably among the most reliable jewelry stores in Laval. Generational knowledge combined with a detailed emphasis toward customer satisfaction equals top shelf products and a long-lasting relationship with the community. Trusted for ethically sourced diamonds and rare metals, this boutique transforms the highest quality raw materials into the masterpiece of your choice. A team of original jewelry designers embodies creativity in the inception of each handcrafted accessory. The unique, high quality product is only the beginning. Constant communication, a classy gift wrap, smooth shipping, plus a hassle-free 14 day money back guarantee backed with a one year warranty ensures commitment to excellence beyond the purchase. A set of detailed long-term maintenance instructions with optional periodic refurbishing ensures your product looks as good as new for the entirety of its lifespan. Quality products, combined with exceptional customer service allow all Laval jewelry needs to be met and surpassed by the best in the business.

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In Laval jewelry is defined by its class and subtle brilliance. Even accessories which are worn casually carry a unique charm that’s both definitive and expressive. The boutique is home to a generous collection composed of several very different lines of fine jewelry. Discover a selection to suit every style. The team’s superb attention to detail sets a tone of finesse throughout the entire inventory of stunning diamond earrings, unique diamond necklaces, elegant tennis bracelets, pendants and diamond rings. The simple elegance of Donj’s minimalist line comes from a very personal approach to fine jewelry. Somewhere between modest and extravagant, the class found in simplicity is superbly highlighted throughout. The focus on cleanliness and quality is obvious. Each piece, though tenderly crafted, stands out as something extraordinarily unique. Within this local boutique, a tightly-knit team of talents touch each accessory throughout the entire process in a personal way. Producing in-house allows for very competitive pricing without compromising quality. Explore the best place to shop for your fine jewelry in Laval. 

Gold Jewelry


Donj’s history runs deep in dealing with rare metals over the course of generations. Quality gold is acquired by dealing with a quality supplier. Donj deals only with certified, ethically sourced gold imported by reliable gold jewelry suppliers in Laval. Gold has always been of high value. Traditionally, gold products were costly and time-consuming to develop, driving up the prices. Through the use of modern 3-D technology, Donj is able to reduce the fabrication costs, consequently creating more affordable high quality gold jewelry in Laval. With an impressive product variety, the local Laval shop can craft gold rings, gold earrings, gold pendants, gold bracelets, gold chains as well as anything custom. Clients have the option between solid yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold (in 10k, 14k, and 18k), as well as platinum and sterling silver. Make sure to stop by Donj when looking for gold jewelry in Laval!

Custom Jewelry


Donj offers the best custom jewelry Laval has to offer. Look no further for something entirely unique and special. A creative, knowledgeable team will guide you through the entire process. Begin with an in-person consultation by appointment to discuss the ideas for your unique designs. All original custom designs can be created based off of existing pieces you’ve seen in the Donj collection or can be inspired by some photos seen online. Using a modelling software based on 3-D technology, a render is created to be viewed from all angles and adjusted to your liking before acquiring all the right materials and casting it with precise 3-D printed molds. Once the final product is assembled, a jeweler will hand polish it, wrap it with care and package it alongside the GIA gemological certification and all included warranties. From conception to delivery, the Donj team is available to guide you through the process. In Laval, jewelry doesn’t have to follow trends. Add your own sentimental value to a timeless quality piece that’s completely original. It’s what the company loves to do best.

Jewelry Repair


It’s no secret that the best way to keep your jewelry looking new is with daily maintenance and care. The second best way is periodic cleaning and refurbishing! No matter how attentive one may be, it’s near impossible to avoid dirt and scratches from daily wear and tear. Donj offers an unmatched service in jewelry repair Laval can’t top! The services offered cover every possible scenario. From a gentle electrolysis which removes particles and oils that can cause irritation or allergic reactions. All the way to gold replating or replacing lost diamonds on a precious ring. The occasional polishing, appreciated by every accessory, is also offered on site. Donj even takes care of ring re-sizing for your beloved wedding bands or engagement rings. Decades of experience creates a quick and effective service for all Laval jewelry needs.

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Located along la Riviere des Prairies on Blvd Levesque Ouest, just over the Lachapelle Bridge (Pont Lachapelle) coming from Montreal. In the heart of Chomedey, the quaint boutique services all local Laval jewelry needs. Easily accessible by Notre Dame via highway 15 from the downtown area or Saint-Martin boulevard from Saint-Dorothee. You are welcome to make an appointment and visit the experienced team who is waiting to service all jewelry needs!

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