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In the Heart of Laval

To this day, Donj Jewellery remains close to its roots. Established in Laval, our service center works with hand-selected raw material sourced from Montreal’s very own Diamond District. Located on Boulevard Levesque Ouest near St-Martin off the Lachapelle bridge, we are very easy to locate and access via our guest parking lot. We’ve been serving the community for years, both reliably and efficiently. Known for superior quality and sleek, personalized designs, Donj is a unique brand within the Laval jewelry scene. Void of industrialized manufacturing processes, we work with individual molds which are hand-casted and polished by our very own team. Our setting is welcoming and intimate. We have a cozy boutique with an elaborate inventory; all of which is designed, produced and packaged on site.

A Completely Personalized Service

Our team works tirelessly to keep Donj at the forefront of Laval’s jewelry scene. By dealing with customers first hand and applying the best technology available, Donj surpasses all expectations within the realm of jewelry designers in Laval. It’s as easy as booking a single appointment. Either of our experts will consult you based on exactly what you’re looking for. Our portfolio provides plenty of examples to choose from. A variety of fine jewelry lines, as well as minimalist slim rings, Cuban link chains and bracelets, two types of leathers to work with as well as dozens of precious gemstones to choose from. The Donj philosophy underlines self-expression and individualism. To exemplify this, each accessory is personalized to your taste. Choose your preferred metal, precious gemstones and entirely custom engravings.

We can even create completely custom pieces from scratch by 3-D printing a mold that fits exactly what you want with extraordinary detail and accuracy! Our custom jewelry manufacturing process is quick and seamless. We draw inspiration from your ideas, with all of your desired finishing touches included in the design. We create a render that can be viewed in three dimensions on your computer monitor, altered to suit your most specific desires. Turning the design into reality is as easy as it’s ever been, followed by a hand polish and sent off in a thoughtful gift wrap.

Long Term Care and Maintenance

Our business is built on strong, trusted long-lasting relationships with our community. We firmly believe that a company’s customer service is the best reflection of their commitment to excellence. Our customer service does not end at the transaction, but extends throughout the entirety of your accessory’s lifespan. With a small amount of care and attention, we can help keep your jewelry looking brand new for as long as you have it. Yes, we offer jewelry repair in Laval! Our shop is equipped to handle all routine maintenance on site: occasional cleaning via electrolysis will remove any oils or debris accumulating on your rare metals, re-plating to refurbish an older piece you may have inherited before meeting us, polishing to renew that stellar shine and replacing lost diamonds are all examples of services we offer on site. Anything you need, we have the capacity to accomplish. As long as we can service our local clientele, we will aim to do so with the upmost integrity and expertise. Come visit our charming shop for all your Laval jewelry needs.

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