How to choose the right earrings for your face shape

Earrings are one of our favorite pieces of jewelry. By simply putting a pair in your ears, you can completely change your entire look. It may be tempting to want to try every style, but there’s actually a way to narrow down what the ideal earring type is for you (and it doesn’t involve hours of switching earrings).

It’s all about your face shape. The type of earring and earring designs which will look best on you depends on the contours and angles of your face. If you pick the right pair, you will be able to accentuate your best features.


6 tips to match your earrings to your face shape

The first thing that you need to do is identify the face shape you have: ​​oval, round, square, diamond, heart, pear or oblong. We’ll help you do that! Below is a list of the most common face shapes and the types of earring which look best on them.


1. Inverted Triangle Shaped Face

If you have an inverted triangle face shape, it means that your forehead is the widest part of your face, and it gradually gets narrower as you go down towards your chin. The aim here is to balance out the bottom and the top of your face, so you need to look for earrings which have the opposite shape to your face. 

Earrings that suit those with an inverted triangle face shape are wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. A great example of this is the teardrop earring. We love teardrop earrings due to their elegant and sophisticated style. 

If you are looking to create a bold look, you can also opt for a pair of statement earrings, as they tend to have extravagant designs. Statement earrings therefore do a great job at balancing out your face shape. 

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2.Round Shaped Face

Those with a rounded shape face will notice that their face is almost perfectly circular when they look in the mirror. People who have a round face shape also tend to have a smaller head. It is therefore important to create the illusion of length when choosing the perfect earrings.

You can achieve this elongation of your face by choosing longer earrings such as dangle earrings or drop earrings. Similarly to those with an inverted face shape, you can opt for teardrop earrings although skinnier long earrings look best. The thinner the earring, the slimmer your face will look.

It is best to stay away from small earrings such as studs as they will add little to your overall look. Similarly, you also want to avoid round hoop earrings as they will draw attention to your face shape and make it look rounder than it is.

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3. Heart-Shaped Face

The facial structure of those with a heart-shaped face is very similar to people who have an inverted triangle shaped face. Indeed, people with a heart-shaped face have wider foreheads and narrower chins. As this shape is so similar to an inverted triangle shape, the earring styles that suit them will also suit you.

Teardrop earrings are a brilliant choice as they will balance the features of your face. Another style of earring which also achieves this effect is triangular earrings, where the point is at the top and the base at the bottom. Triangular earrings are great if you want more of a geometrical look as opposed to a smooth elegant look.


4. Oval Shaped Face

People who have been blessed with an oval face shape are considered to have the ideal face shape. This shaped face is often compared to the shape of an egg. This means that all of your features are in perfect proportion to each other. Your cheeks are slightly wider than both your forehead and chin, and your face shape is highlighted by rounded edges on the side of your face.

If you have an oval face shape, you can pull off virtually any earring shape, as they will all be flattering on you. The best way to shop for earrings if you have an oval face shape is to prioritize your own personal style and think about when you are going to be wearing them.

For example, if you mainly need them for everyday use, a simple diamond stud will be perfect. On the other hand, if you are looking to stand out from a crowd, a pair of larger earrings will be what you want to buy. You are really free to experiment with whatever earring types you want if you have an oval face shape, and all of them are guaranteed to look amazing on you!

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5. Square Shaped Face

If you have a square face, you have a strongly defined forehead and jawline. Square shapes have sharp angles, and since both your forehead and jawline possess sharp angles, you want to offset the angular shape of your face with more rounded earrings.

Rounded and circular earrings will help make your natural shape and natural angles look less harsh and soften your features. Any kind of circular form will work brilliantly to do this, although our personal favorite is a pair of oversized hoop earrings. They can work on a regular day or complement a formal dress for a big occasion. If you are not comfortable wearing oversized hoops, size it down for your preferred look. You should stay away from square earrings as they will make your face look boxier.


6. Diamond Shaped Face

A diamond face shape entails a forehead and chin which have similar widths. You will also tend to recognize that the widest part of the face for people with a diamond face shape is their eyes. Therefore, an overall diamond shape is created.

Similarly to those with a square face shape, these people have an angular face with a defined jawline, so the aim is to soften some of these features. One of the most flattering styles of earrings for people with a diamond face shape is chandelier earrings as they are longer at the bottom and balance out the person’s features. Clustered earrings also offer the same effect.

Alternatively, if these longer earrings are too extravagant for you, a simple pair of pearl earrings or studs are minimal enough that they will not draw too much attention to you but equally create the softening look you want.

Whether you’re buying a new pair of earrings for yourself or as a gift for someone, you should always consider face shape as your starting point. Of course, a person’s individual style and aesthetic play a part, but once you know the type of earring that will look best, you can then cater the style to their taste.

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