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Aftercare truly is the difference between a dull, outdated side piece and a sparkling, jaw-dropping piece of jewelry. Choosing the right jeweler will give a second life to your rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets by cleaning or restoring them to their former glory.


Repair your Gold, Silver and Diamond Jewelry at Donj Jewellery in Montreal

There are a few places that offer jewellery repair in Montreal, but we prefer to deal with our customers’ products ourselves. That way, we are sure that they receive the best and longest-lasting treatments available. Our certified experts in jewelry repair are here to help you refurbish an item that’s suffered the hardships of time or even modify an existing piece to better suit your current style.


What jewelry repair services do we offer?

We offer jewellery repair services in Montreal that are not limited to damages but also include revitalization processes. Most high-end jewelry will need occasional cleaning or maybe even more in-depth procedures under certain circumstances. For dull pieces, we use an ultrasonic cleaner and steamer to remove all traces of dirt or debris from the metal’s surface with the correct amount of heat and pressure. You simply cannot achieve a brilliant shine without these treatments. The ultrasonic vibrations remove particles that are stuck so tight to your jewellery they would be impossible to remove by friction or with chemicals. For those that are hesitant about these methods, we encourage you to learn more about ultrasonic cleaning technology.

What about scratches on my gold and silver jewels?

If your silver, gold or diamonds have some scratches, we will also perform distinct polishing procedures prior to the deep cleaning. The parameters of each procedure varies based on the material, therefore it is very important that only experts carry out these tasks. Rest assured that we are at the height of jewelry repair in Montreal, exercising extreme caution when bringing your pieces back to life.


Why is it important to have a good jeweler?

Our body changes, and so does our tastes in jewelry

Some services will be necessary regardless of how well you maintain your items. Our taste changes over time, so you might want to turn your silver bracelet into yellow gold or transform your yellow gold into rose gold. Instead of buying an entirely new piece of jewelry, many people go to the experts in order to plate the item in a new coating of your choice metal. After thoroughly cleaning the original piece, a layer of nickel is applied and then the entire accessory is dipped into electrically charged gold which bonds instantly to the base layer. And just like that, you have brand new jewellery without the brand new price tag!

Your fingers may change over time, too. We accomplish ring resizing quickly and with ease, adding an additional length of identical material to your original bands for a seamless extension to your beloved piece.


Accidents are bound to happen: Donj can bring your jewelry back in one piece

There’s always the inevitability of accidents. They do happen, and luckily, we do have solutions. This is the true test of jewelry repair shops in Montreal. Will you be able to bring them any piece of broken jewelry and have them return it to you in one piece (and will it remain that way over time)? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Broken chain-link bracelets or necklaces, cracked rings, even lost diamonds: we have the knowledge to solder your pieces back to their original integrity, replace your lost diamonds with identical counterparts, and even resize the diamonds if you don’t want to go back to the original design.


Can Donj repair jewelry from other stores?

Donj Jewellery offers a jewelry repair service in Montreal even for those who have purchased their jewelry elsewhere! We would be happy to bring your product back to life, regardless!

Take advantage of our polishing, ultrasonic cleaning, electrocleaning, plating, ring-resizing, soldering and diamond replacement services. We can even fix deformities that occur through impacts over time. If you’re in Montreal, drop by our office for a consultation and let us show you how we can bring your beloved piece of Montreal Jewelry back from the box to your body, where it belongs.


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