6 Gold Jewelry Trends You’ll See Across Montreal in 2020

gold earrings new trend in 2020

In order to get ahead of this year’s upcoming fashion trends, we’ve compiled a sample of some of the hottest gold jewelry trends you’ll see across the Montreal Jewelry scene in the upcoming months. Catwalks have paved the way for Spring 2020 styles and Summer 2020 jewelry trends. Get the scoop on the jewelry trends in 2020 and get inspired by the following items:

Supersized gold hoops – Hoop earrings are coming back like never before: supersized! This year’s spring runway was flooded by over-sized hoops by designers like Carolina Hererra and Sies Marjan. This look is all about standing out. Basically, the bigger the better. If you could make this work with a splash of lively color, you’ll achieve a fresh spring look that’s unique as can be.

Over-sized gold chokers and Cuban link chains – This is a perfect excuse to pick up a chunk of gold. It’s no secret that these aren’t new gold chain styles. Even though Miami Cuban links and chokers have been on the rise for a few years now, they have come back on the premise that bigger is better. As far as jewelry trends in 2020 go, this one can actually turn into a smart investment. If you put some money down on a heavy gold chain, you’re likely to walk away with heavy pockets when you sell that thing as well.

White gold/silver trend – This year is the year for light metals. We noticed plenty of white gold slim rings, white gold bracelets, white gold necklaces and earrings on the runway. Donj boasts one of the most complete collections of Montreal jewelry when it comes to the rare metals. With completely custom options, the possibilities are literally endless. Get in touch with us to create a completely unique piece that flaunts your individualism all the while staying on top of the fashion game.

Single gold earring – There once was a time where it was cool to wear a single earring. That time was so long ago that I almost forgot it ever existed. Pretty neat that they’re bringing it back. Something unique and different from the other trends. What I would consider to be a twisted blend of asymmetry and nostalgia.

Gold mixed with pearls – A classy combination that has been married time and time again. Old lovers reunite for a classy pairing that compliments pretty much any outfit that you choose to layer with. Beauty, extravagance and a hint of modern class are sure to come across as this trend hits sensationally throughout the city.

Shoe jewelry – Fashion houses like Zimmermann and Oscar de la Renta are adorning their footwear with gold chains on the 2020 runway. You can duplicate this sensation by wrapping a thin gold ankle bracelet through the strap of your sandles. Dainty gold bracelets would be perfect for this, offering you flexibility to try it out on various pairs of shoes to see what look you like the most.

Interested in spicing up your wardrobe with some of the best jewelry trends in 2020? Visit Donj Jewellery today or call us at (450) 231-0641 to get in direct contact with one of our experts.

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