Top 10 Most Romantic Proposal Ideas in Montreal

best places to propose in montreal

If you’ve ever visited Montreal or are lucky enough to live here, we can probably both agree that the city is both magical and unique. Our wide variety of culture has transcended into every facet of living. Exquisite restaurants, grandiose art, antique architecture, revolutionary fashion and even top tier Montreal jewelry are all examples of the beauty and liveliness within our great city.  Without a doubt, a marriage proposal in Montreal is something worth considering. Sure, there’s Paris, Rome, or San Francisco, but there’s nothing quite like revealing your engagement ring among the twinkling streetlights- Summer or snow. A marriage proposal in Montreal is something unlike any other for the sole reason that there is just so much variety, so many places to pop the question, a breath of fresh air in every corner. Let us take you through some of the best places to propose in Montreal.

beautiful penthouse suite hotel nelligan in old port montreal

10: Hotel Nelligan

Located in an antique section of Montreal which is decorated with artisanal shops, hot bars and Montreal’s very own Port, the Nelligan offers stunning views of one of the most unique parts of the city. What a backdrop to contrast with a brilliant engagement ring as you get on one knee, pop some champagne, savoring a moment that will last forever. This is an ideal place for a surprise proposal in Montreal, offering you luxury, privacy and insane beauty.

museum of fine arts montreal

9: The Museum of Fine Arts

Talk about culture. This place is spectacular. Exhibits from all over the world, a variety of local pieces, and that smooth, savory atmosphere you want. Paintings, sculptures and Montreal Jewelry. For the art enthusiast, this place is full of life and excitement, all the while feeding a very deep part of the soul. Bonus points if she already loves this place and has told you how great it makes her feel already. You have the opportunity to turn this into her special place by hallmarking it with that special event for the rest of your lives.

8: Carré St-Louis

Here’s a little stretch of the city that sits tightly with lovers of architecture as it retains some of the earliest homes in the city. These grandiose monuments and quaint roads transport you back in time. The nostalgia, mixed with your heart-warming company, is sure to prime even the most sophisticated lady. Elegant, extraordinary, with unmatched beauty that reflects the bond you share.

westmount greenhouse romantic proposal idea

7: Westmount Greenhouse

A hidden gem among one of the city’s finest boroughs. This is definitely one of the most beautifully landscaped gardens for a marriage proposal in Montreal. Aside from the Botanical Gardens, this place is probably the most exquisite and complete collection of broad-leaf plants, flowers and other beautiful plants. Nature lovers will feel right at home here. Furthermore, the fresh smell of plants floating in the air tingling her nostrils inevitably satisfies that primal desire of oneness with her surroundings. A great way to stimulate her brain into producing those natural endorphins that make her feel good, ready and complete with you.

laronde fireworks 2020 montreal

6: La Ronde (fireworks)

La Ronde is known for its incredible rides during the day, but multiple evenings during the summer this place transforms into the stage of the International Fireworks Festival. Brilliant displays fill the sky as you enjoy front row seats to some of the most exhilarating shows in existence. Hire a photographer to capture your proposal with the insane spectacle in the background and you will have an incredibly sentimental momentum to cherish for decades, guaranteed!

notre dame basilica beautiful scenery romantic

5: Notre Dame Basilica (at night)

The location of this place is just prime. If you’re looking to orchestrate the perfect marriage proposal in Montreal, this is the place to do it. You can warm her up by enjoying the quaint and lively alleys of Old Montreal, explore the artisanal shops, unique and delicious restaurants, spend some time sitting by the water, finally wrapping up your sequence of events with a tour of the first Gothic church of Canada. Its history is deeply tied to that of Montreal. A perfect place to pop the question if your relationship also has deep roots in the big city.

parc ile perry montreal

4: Île Perry

Most people that live in the city don’t even know where this tiny island is. I grew up a few blocks away, so I’ve spent many Summer nights sitting at the water’s edge watching the sun set over the La Riviere des Prairies. Drive down to rue Poincaré where it meets Gouin. Park your car and walk the footpath across the footbridge onto the little island. Pack a little picnic basket with her favorites and take the time to eat as the sun goes down. Don’t forget to pair a nice bottle of wine with a thoughtful kiss on the neck. Sit with her and enjoy watching the sun go down together. I think this is a perfect place for two people who enjoy cherishing the simple moments and appreciating each other’s presence in the absence of distractions.

clock tower beach montreal

3: Clock Tower Beach

Nestled in the Old Port, this mini beach gives you the feeling of warm tropical vacation without the airmiles or expenses. It’s not Fiji, but it’s definitely a great spot for those who love spending the day at the beach but also really appreciate the accessibility of the city. This is definitely a place where you can turn a casual experience into something extraordinary if you plan right. Mimosas, tasteful jazz, crisp beach clothes and the right appetizers can really elevate this experience into something that’s vacation-like. And what better way to send her to cloud nine than ending your beach day with a beautiful engagement ring on her finger?

2: Montreal Botanical Gardens

If you ask anybody who lives in the city about their thoughts related to where to propose in Montreal, I would be very surprised if this spot doesn’t come up. In my honest opinion, this is hands down on of the best places to propose in Montreal (unless your significant other has a phobia of plants and extravagant beauty).

marriage proposal at home

1: Your very own home.

Some people appreciate grandeur and extravagance while others love nothing more than to get lost in intimacy. There is no place more intimate than the space in which you build your life together, communicate daily, and grow as a couple. This has to be one of the most romantic places to propose in Montreal, if not the most romantic, as long as you play your cards right. Choose a day where she doesn’t have much going on. Catch her in a great mood. Lay the ground work for this by spending the time doing things she appreciates all day. They can be small things or actions that speak loudly. Just be considerate. Display an obvious effort and concern for her pleasure and satisfaction. You should be emphasizing your closeness, how well you know her wants and needs, as well as how you aim to incorporate those things into her daily life. Cook a special meal, drink some special drink, and finish it off with her dream engagement ring. To a soulful woman, this means more than the most expensive hotel.

Now that you have an idea of where to propose, the next step is to pick the perfect engagement ring.  Contact one of our experts today and we’ll make sure your significant other will be left speechless when she sees that beautiful ring!

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