The Most Outstanding Diamond Engagement Rings in Montreal

Choosing the right engagement ring isn’t easy. As a matter of fact, it’s different from one person to the next and I’ve actually described the entire process in depth throughout the article “Tips For Picking Your Engagement Ring In Montreal” which is visible in our archive. The options are endless for diamond engagement rings in Montreal, but we want to make it a little bit easier for you. Here we have selected some of our most exemplary models of Montreal jewelry. These come from our collection of engagement ring styles in order to showcase the potential for your engagement ring to stand out once you have chosen the general direction to proceed in. These examples also give you a little bit more info than what you see in the descriptions as you look to buy diamond engagement rings online.

Engagement Ring

RD 931: This is an example of a solitaire engagement ring. The four-prong gold setting hoists a 0.99 carat round cut center diamond available in H – SI or D-VS. We generally prefer to offer either of these combinations because it maximizes the quality for your value. The band is crafted from 1.42g of gold- which we offer in white, yellow or rose 10K, 14K or 18k for all rings. An additional .23 carats of diamonds decorate the shoulder. This ring is simple, but exceptionally special. The design of the slim band highlights the grandeur of the center stone. The dainty band is touched with those brilliant small stones which keep it classy throughout its beauty.

Engagement Ring

RS 696: This three stone engagement ring features a 0.8 carat round cut diamond, two slightly smaller side stones and a generous pave for a total of 2.8 carats! Built with 6.98g of your choice gold, this one is also available in a two tone mix of a white gold band with rose gold prongs. All 3 main stones each feature a classy 4 prong setting. The beautiful curvature of the prongs accentuate the diamonds, truly making them pop. Clean lines on the band, which is decorated with accent stones, adds a distinguishing finish to the look.

Engagement Ring

RD 934: We want to show you an example of what can be achieved by designing extraordinary diamond engagement rings in Montreal. At the center, we have an emerald cut stone weighing .63 carats. This halo cut engagement ring features several accent stones and a pave for a total of .97 carats set on 2.62 g of gold. A slim band design makes the central features stand out, granting the stones with an even more spectacular appearance!

RD 938: Look at this square princess cut engagement ring with a 0.7 carat center diamond set on 4.36 g of gold! This is a more classic ratio of diamond weight to metal, which emphasizes the beautifully angled four prong setting and superbly polished gold band. The band has a rounded apex, giving it a unique shape and classy simplicity. This appeals to ladies who aren’t high maintenance, breathe elegance and appreciate the finer things in life.

Engagement Ring

RD 936: Here we have a gorgeous pear cut engagement ring! The epitome of Montreal Jewelry and definitely one of the most outstanding diamond engagement rings in Monteral. A massive center stone weighs in at 2.0 ct, held by a prestigious 3 prong setting. This is what women envision when they talk about big rocks. This thing is grand, luxurious, and impossible to overlook.  It’s also embellished with 1.67 ct of accessory stones along the band, arranged in three rows which glaze the entire surface area of the ring. You could hardly even see the 3.82 g of gold that went into this ring, but we can assure you that the value is there. When this one slips onto a finger, all you see is sparkles.

Whether you’re looking for a pear cut, princess cut, emerald cut or a fully custom engagement ring, Donj Jewellery has you covered.

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