Jewelry Gift Guide for the 2020 Holiday Season

The holiday season is coming up and we’re all thinking about how to put a smile on our loved ones’ faces after a year full of ups and downs. What better way to do that than by gifting a fine piece of jewelry from Donj Jewellery’s collection, all designed and handcrafted in Laval?

Our New Minimalist Slim Ring Collection

Our Fall 2020 collection contains a plethora of slim rings at the heart of its fine jewelry selection. Each model is unique and original in its design. The varied scope of shapes and sizes allows for something that will satisfy even the most peculiar of palates. The designer rings in this collection provide the generalist with an array of opportunity to find something that suits their significant other. Many of these rings can be dressed up or worn casually, making them an ideal gift for any woman. You don’t need to know exactly what she wants, as the majority of these rings are quite versatile and appeal to a variety of different styles. The minimalist design is meant to please everyone. They are almost all simple enough to complete any outfit without interfering with her style. Choose between thin, rounded bands to double-bodies flooded with accent stones. The collection truly is complete, with diamond rings, Cuban links, braided gold and many other styles to choose from. Slim rings are definitely the crowd pleaser this holiday season.

Gold Jewelry

An everlasting favorite, we literally bet our livelihood on the fact that gold will never go out of style. Everybody loves gold. Whether you’re gift is intended for a man or a woman, gold jewelry is empowering and always deeply appreciated. If you’re considering forking over a solid sum for gold, however, it pays to know the recipient a little more intimately. Not every man wears gold watches and not every lady loves a chain-link necklace. Some men prefer to stack multiple Miami Cuban link gold chains while others prefer a single bracelet. You need to consider the thickness of the intended piece, possible allergies, even forgetfulness- for example, I’m not the type to wear a gold ring because I’ll surely take it off while polishing a client’s piece and forget to put it back on before I go home! If you have a more intimate understanding of who that person is, what their style is like, and how they like to accessorize, then you might have hit the goldmine with this gift choice! Gold is beautiful, meaningful, and very special when gifted under the right circumstances.

Diamond Earrings

Another timeless classic, you can never go wrong by getting your lovely lady a pair of brilliant diamond earrings. Although I can’t guarantee that your mom won’t love a pair, diamond earrings were traditionally considered a gesture of grand romance. If you want to express your appreciation for your wife of many years and show her that she still shines as brightly in your eyes as she ever did, this is a solid way to go. The elegance, prestige and grandeur of diamond earrings is difficult to beat. Similar to the diamonds on engagement rings, these stellar gems represent commitment, appreciation and eternal beauty. Gift her with a sparkle that never ends, like the love you’ve nurtured throughout all the years you’ve enjoyed together. You’re almost guaranteed to make her feel like your queen.

The best way to put 2020 behind us- as I’m sure many of us are eager to do- is by enjoying a jolly holiday season filled with warm vibes and grateful energy. Hopefully, the exchange of thoughtful gifts that show how much your loved ones mean to you can be uplifting in its own way. Obviously, material gifts can’t solve our problems.. But would we be lying if we said a splash of gold or the glimmer of a diamond won’t help this year end on a slightly brighter note? Best holiday wishes from the Donj family to yours! We hope to help you find what you didn’t know you were looking for.

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