Engagement Rings vs. Wedding Rings: The Difference

Both symbols of marital union, the difference between engagement rings vs. wedding rings has traditionally been a question of timing and symbolism. They both represent the same commitment expressed in two different ways. By understanding what each ring represents, how they relate to the wedding ceremony and their typical designs, readers of this post can be equipped with all the knowledge needed to browse for either engagement rings or wedding rings.

Symbolism and Significance

There’s a difference in the meaning behind engagement rings vs. wedding rings. An engagement ring was historically gifted by a man to a woman and was worn as a symbol of commitment leading up to the wedding. It was a way of letting the community know that a particular woman was spoken for and planning to get married. Wedding bands, however, were exchanged at the actual wedding ceremony as the couple traded wedding vows. These rings are worn from that point onward, symbolizing the eternal union between those two people from that point onward. Both rings are worn on the left hand ring finger, with the wedding ring on the inside.

Difference in Design

Typically, wedding rings and engagement rings have a few key differences in design. Engagement rings tend to be more grandiose. At the center, a main diamond is set individually or surrounded by a series of accent stones. The band may be either naked or decorated with a pave of smaller diamonds, too. Contrarily, wedding bands tend to be simple, usually crafted from a single type of metal that is polished to perfection and often times engraved with an intimate message on the inside. Both rings can be bought together so they match (referred to as a bridal set). Alternatively, they can be purchased from separate vendors at separate times but it is wise to have them created with similar colours, metal types or at least similar styles in mind. This makes it easy to decide when to pick out wedding bands.. Just buy them as you finalize your engagement ring design! Doing this a few months in advance will ensure timely delivery so that nothing’s missing on your special day.

The differences in design come with a considerable discrepancy in price. Engagement rings are going to cost much more since they are priced according to the value of the diamonds used. Since wedding bands don’t usually include a diamond or gemstone (although some designs can include a modest one for her), the price will suit the metal and complexity of design. Keep all this in mind when you are researching the cost to buy an engagement ring Canada. Remain aware that the complexity of your custom design, the quality and number of diamonds used, as well as how the stones are set will all impact the cost of your engagement ring.

One Instead of Two

Many people are beginning to opt for a single ring instead of two. By having your trusted jeweler design a dual-purpose band, you can have the advantage of splurging on a single magnificent ring instead of dividing your budget between two. The same ring you use to propose with can also be given when exchanging wedding vows during the ceremony. This eliminates the task of designing two rings that match perfectly if you aren’t buying a matching bridal set. Often times, it can also be more comfortable for her to only wear one ring on that finger. Pay attention to how she likes to accessorize. If you never see her wear multiple rings it’s probably because she doesn’t like to! It may also just flat out look better on a small, dainty finger to have a single stand out ring instead of stacking two together.


The Bottom Line

With all the expert knowledge from Donj, you should be well informed whether you shop wedding rings online or in person. Our advice concerning when to pick out weddings bands is simple: Do it when you shop for your engagement ring. This will give you the opportunity to design a matching set if that’s what you desire and of course it will allow plenty of time for the manufacturing process. Our hope is that helping you to understand the expectations as far as design and price differences between the two types of marital rings makes shopping for them less intimidating and more straight forward!


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