Can You Wear Gold Underwater?

Although Summer is just behind us and your 2020 Winter getaway is pretty much a distant dream, the experts at Donj Jewellery want to take time to iterate the dangers of wearing gold underwater. For those who own gold chains or a special gold ring, they often wonder if they should remove them before going to the beach or even taking a shower. It’s simple enough to stay on the cautious side and slip out of your treasured gold before turning the shower knob at home. What about those days where you get together with your buddies and want to accessorize in anticipation of some salt water by a warm ocean breeze? Can you wear gold underwater?


Laws of the Beach

Whether or not you choose to take a dip in smooth salt water, you may be putting your jewelry at risk depending on its specific metal mixture. On land, the bits of sand can scrape away or scratch your gold, not necessarily damaging it but eventually tarnishing its shine. No matter the composition of your favorite gold necklace or Cuban link bracelets, it will always be at risk of getting lost. If you take it off before going in the water, there’s a slight chance you might misplace it. Well, what if you just keep your precious gold rings on your fingers to be sure they don’t escape you? Details such as water temperature and humidity can cause your hands to shrink ever so slightly. Factor in some lubricating sun screen, underwater swimming, and maybe even a drink or 2. Long before you notice, your favorite Cuban link gold ring (or worse.. your engagement ring) has slipped away into the ocean and become fish food.


Effects of Chemicals and Friction Based on Gold Type

Solid (10K+) gold is considered to be one of the most durable metals. This means that is won’t transform when coming into contact with other chemicals. The color will remain the same and the metal won’t break down, though small particles of debris will accumulate over time. This forms a layer of dirt that reduces the shine of your accessory but is simply solved with an expert polish. Most high end jewelry which is made to be worn daily is generally made from 18K. With 10K 14K or 18K solid yellow gold, there’s very little to worry about when it comes to sand or water. Be careful with gold plating, as exposure to water, chlorine and salt all chip away at it over time and you will have to get your accessory re-plated entirely if that’s the case.


Choosing the Most Durable Gold Jewelry Canada Has to Offer

Donj Jewellery carries top of the line selections of gold rings, gold chains, gold earrings, and other gold jewelry Canada has to offer. Our online store allows you to browse our entire collection if you want to buy gold jewelry online! We’ve recently added genuine gold Figaro chains, several types of Gucci link chain and gold rope chains to our collection. You can never to wrong with a crispy Cuban link gold necklace or the remarkable class of Cuban link bracelets. We make it easy to buy gold chains online with certified quality and top notch customer service.


So, Can You Wear Gold Underwater?

Yes, though it isn’t recommended. The risks related to chemical reactions and friction over time mean it might be wiser to simply leave your gold at home.

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