Stingray or Python?

Tough call. Both leathers used for our bracelets are exotic leathers that rank among the highest quality of animal leathers used in the wristwear industry.

So how to choose? Well, first – here’s a bit of info.


About stingray: You might be going out to the club, not to battle – but in medieval Japan, stingray leather was used by Samurais as armor due to its strength, durability and resistance to wear. It was always collected in abundance since most species of stingray are very common, and their meat has sustained the fisheries of coastal Asia for centuries, meaning that no part of the animal goes to waste.

Today, stingray leather is found in high-end boutiques in Milan, Paris and New York. This leather can easily last an entire lifetime if it’s well maintained. It emanates a pearly appearance due to the fine cluster of tightly-woven scales. This scaly shimmer is bold and noticeable (especially up close).

Overall, stingray leather wristwear works as a smooth and resilient accent to almost any outfit – but especially when the night draws to a close and you plan on getting up close and personal.


The scales of the python leather are noticeably larger, thus, they capture and reflect more light in their radiant demeanor. Python leather offers a bold contrast of texture to your look, as each individual scale glistens noticeably from afar and immediately draws attention to the unique, diplomatic arrangement of the natural snake skin.

Though it is more delicate than stingray leather, python leather exemplifies power and authority while also maintaining a subtle finesse and attention to detail.  

Summed up, python leather is chosen to accentuate a bold outfit or to electrify an otherwise demure one. Prepare to stand out.

You really can’t go wrong with either choice of leather. Try your hand at customizing the perfect bracelet for you or choose from our pre-designed models here.


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