Custom Jewelry in Montreal that Flaunts Your Unique Style

custom jewelry montreal engagement ring

Montreal is one of North America’s most culturally diverse cities. We have a colourful history that is deep rooted and never stagnant as it constantly evolves with the people who dedicate their lives to elevating it. As a fashion mecca, our city oozes individualism. Jewelry is no exception. The Montreal jewelry scene closely follows the fashion industry. Classy and elite, we all know how fashion unfolds: you can either follow trends or set them. Life shouldn’t always be black and white, though, so let Donj walk you through the gray area. There is a middle ground. You can still be in touch with what looks and feels good while adding your own personalized touch. Let us tell you a little bit about getting your own unique custom jewelry in Montreal.

Some trends are timelessly aesthetic and always in style. You’ll never stop seeing custom gold chains in Montreal, or more recently, custom Cuban links in Montreal! These types of custom necklaces are a perfect example of blending style with your own personal touch. We are able to flood any piece with VVS and SI1 diamonds to create a custom jewelry design that suits you. The addition of diamonds or custom engravings add a personalized expression of your own style to any piece. Recently, custom pendants have become a unique way to express one’s individuality and that’s a service that we specialize in. We focus on custom designs, extending beyond pendants to custom bracelets, custom necklaces, as well as custom designer rings for men and women. Our website showcases some of the designs that we can use to create your custom jewelry design or you could always send us pictures of your own unique ideas that we can craft from scratch! A brief consultation followed by a 3-D render and then 3-D printed mold.. And voila! With endless options and relentless attention to detail, we love to work with our customers to create pieces that truly reflect their sense of self. Here are some examples of past work:

custom 14k gold engagement ring handmade in montreal custom 18k gold mens designer ring montreal  custom jewelry 10k gold handmade in montreal 3D designed

Customization doesn’t have to be entirely about you, though. We think the most important instance of customization is when it applies to her. Love is unique, as is your relationship, therefore the symbol of your union is best created and tailored to represent exactly what you feel. This process should be well thought out, executed with expertise and patience. That’s why we offer an extensive service for custom engagement rings as well as custom wedding rings. Having unique style is cool, but taking the time to create something that shows her how unique and out of this world she is in your eyes.. That’s definitely above status quo. From your choice of rare metals, to uniquely shaped bands, with both classic and modern settings available for your choice of lustrous diamond cuts. There’s just so much potential in creating an exclusive design for her.

No matter the statement you are trying to make, Donj is the place for personalized jewelry in Montreal! We are always enthusiastic about meeting new people and sitting down to discuss a new potential project. Your inspiration matched with our expertise will materialize your ideas into a crisp, classy reality. We would love for you to contact us with your custom jewelry designs so that we can get to work on something created by you, just for you.


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