Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring in Montreal

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What’s engagement without commitment? We would say it’s incomplete. While most will gawk over the grand brilliance of engagement rings, wedding bands are worn day in and day out in unison. As the true test of time, marriage is a process that will endure the unexpected changes life throws at you, while encouraging you to both evolve in similar directions. Such a precious bond deserves a band of world class. Don’t underestimate the importance of this symbolic piece of jewelry. Let us help you find the perfect wedding ring in Montreal!

The process of selecting wedding bands is not entirely different from the engagement ring. Actually, one should compliment the other. Therefore, consider shopping for your marriage rings at the same time or at least several months before the wedding date. Even though we craft our wedding rings right here in Montreal, our rare metals are imported and the process from molding to polishing can take many months to complete. So, like all things wedding-related, it’s best to relieve the stress and plan well in advance to be sure everything goes smoothly on your special day.

The process begins with a general overview of style. Decide whether you want to incorporate the same metal that you used for the engagement ring band. If the engagement ring is grandiose, maybe you will opt for a simpler design as to not overpower it. Conversely, a less amply decorated engagement ring would look good when paired with a wedding band that has a few small diamonds or a special gemstone at the face. Whatever the case is, make sure you choose a style that’s going to please her in the long term and not something that seems trendy now but will go out of style in 20 years.

Then, ask yourself if you want matching sets for her & him, or if you would prefer something a little different. Let’s consider her wedding band is white gold with three small diamonds. You might want something that’s still white gold so that they share similarity but you might skip the rocks because it’s impractical for you to wear diamonds. Once the style is more or less decided, you can move on to finalizing the finer details.

This is the fun part! With Donj Jewellery, you get to choose the major details that will result in the two of you having a set of wedding rings that’s one of a kind in Montreal. The most obvious detail is the type of gold, its karatage and the width of the band. This will dictate most of the initial impression. You can choose between white gold, yellow gold or rose gold and purities of 10K, 14K or 18K. There are circumstances where we would recommend each of these blends when choosing the raw material for your wedding rings in Montreal. The highest purity (18K gold) has the greatest ratio of gold to alloy metals, but is also the least resistant. Consider this when choosing which karatage you prefer. If you’ll be wearing your ring daily but work in an environment that might subject it to abuse, it would be wiser to choose 10K or 14K. Generally, men’s rings have a greater width than a woman’s. Since women tend to wear their wedding and engagement rings on the same finger, you want to stay below 6mm as to not crowd them. Men commonly wear a width of 8mm and above. Narrow bands are more comfortable to wear and maneuver more easily, whereas wider bands will have to be thicker, which means that they are inherently more durable. A minimum thickness of 1.5mm is recommended for people who work with their hands often as this thickness is unlikely to bend or warp with pressure. Here are some examples:

rose gold 10k wedding ring handmade in Montreal 14k yellow gold wedding ring handmade in Montreal white gold 14k wedding ring handmade in Montreal

At this point, you have a solid base for your design. Now, we can add the finishing touches and move on to creating your wedding ring in Montreal. If you’re thinking of adding some diamonds, our designers will guide you through the types of settings that make sense alongside the engagement ring you’ve chosen. Engravings are a thoughtful touch. Nothing speaks to your unique relationship like a meaningful choice of words on the inside of your bands. Be sure to have the right size and just like that, you’ve designed your very own wedding rings handmade in Montreal!

You can also shop our wedding rings online.

So what are you waiting for? Call us at (450) 231-0641 and let us take care of all your Montreal jewelry needs!


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