Handcrafted Jewelry in Montreal

handcrafted jewelry in Montreal

Big diamonds, big money, big operations. That’s what you get through most industrial online jewelry marketplaces. Donj Jewellery is a Montreal jewelry store that we are proud to say has started small and managed to maintain its intimacy. Only a few employees work on the production line, handling our products from design all the way to final packaging. With little outsourcing, we are able to oversee all operations and ensure that every single client is getting exactly what they’ve asked for. We believe that the quality customer service of small businesses often overrides the allure of big chains, which push products for profit without a real concern towards their clientele. Every aspect of our business is meant to reflect our love for individualism, expression and creativity. That being said, we are so proud to be one of the elite producers of jewelry Montreal has to offer.

Made in Montreal

Since 2017, our local startup has been servicing our community as well as international clients with some of the most personalized jewelry Montreal has seen. Our debut line, which began with python and stingray leather bracelets, offered over 1000 customizable options to tingle the taste buds of every potential customer. For a small jewelry store in Montreal, we have been working tirelessly to provide a variety of accessories that are both original and in style. Our workshop has all the facilities we need to create the each collection within our product line, which we are proud to say is made in Canada. In 2018, we expanded our collection to include engagement rings, wedding rings, casual slim rings, everyday fine jewelry and chain link bracelets for both sexes. We are committed to remaining top tier, as a Montreal jewelry store that values both the quality of our products and our relationship with each of our customers.

Generational Experience – Where Art Meets Technology

The founders of Donj come from several generations of jewelers. Not every jeweler in Montreal can say that! We started with a thorough understanding of the practical techniques that have been traditionally used to hand craft individual pieces. Our process did change rapidly, however, as we saw advantages in using 3-D printing to form molds which would allow us to cast metal with the upmost detail unlike anything ever seen before. Our workshop still hand polishes and treats every piece, merging each component of an accessory by hand. This unique Montreal jewelry store takes advantage of the historical knowledge passed down by our family members all the while innovating as we continue to learn and grow. Examples of our collections can be seen both online and in our boutique, which is next door to our workshop where you are welcome to come visit and get a feel for how we operate. We still work in a fairly traditional way, meeting with most of our clients in person and building relationships as we service their jewelry related needs.

For Him & Her

Our complete collection has grown both in variety and size over the last few years. We now have an elaborate inventory of timeless classics, such as Miami cuban link bracelets for men and thinner chain link bracelets for women. Our links can be single, braided, full or hollow. Keeping with our values of customization, our customers can request their preferred karatage of gold as well as studded diamonds throughout their desired piece. We still have our original fine jewelry lines for men and women, though we are constantly adding newer models with the options of casting in .925 silver, multiple alloys of rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold, as well as tungsten plating for certain items.

Most recently, we have been working on a minimalistic jewelry line for women, based on slim jewelry that exemplifies modest elegance all the while being classically breath-taking. This collection is meant to focus on every day wear that also has a slightly elevated look. Attention to the finer details set our minimalist jewelry apart from other lines. Our focus is to allow these pieces to mesh seamlessly with your ensemble while subtly bringing them to life. By highlighting the quality of the product and timelessness of design, we’ve created something that achieves that balance.
As we continue to expand our knowledge of this business, our hope is that we continue to reach you in a way that can be appreciated. We are committed to maintaining our reputation as a jewelry store in Montreal that operates within an intimate workshop and real one-on-one relationships with our customers. The time we put into designing and hand crafting our jewelry makes it so much more fulfilling when we sense your satisfaction.

For all custom jewelry inquiries, please feel free to message us directly and we will get you on the phone or in person as soon as we both can. Also, you should definitely take a look at our custom jewelry blog post to get a better idea of how our process works!

Thanks for reading,

Donj Jewellery

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