Can You Wear Gold and Silver Together?

It’s an entirely understandable question and many people often do wonder: Can you wear gold and silver together? Mixing metals can be confusing since it can be done but is best approached with attention to certain details. Contemporary fashion is very open to creativity, therefore much less black and white than it has been traditionally. Many of our current fashion trends are actually purposeful deviations from historical norms. As an outlet for self-expression, we at Donj Jewellery say you should not be limited in the way you accessorize but rather go ahead and mix metals! Here are some tips that will keep you looking sharp as ever.

Tip # 1: Work With Symmetry
The number one reason people tend to avoid mixing metals is because it can potentially clash quite hectically. Avoid doing too much by keeping it simple in your early experiments. Keep the theme uniform. The key is to mix metals and not to mix styles. Start with two different metals such as yellow gold and silver. Then select one piece of gold jewelry as well as one piece of silver jewelry that both have a similar design, shape, or thickness. You can even wear the exact same piece in silver and in gold side by side to underline that perfect match. The human brain craves symmetry and our eyes tend to respond to it with equal enthusiasm. Stick to classy pieces that complement each other to avoid an overwhelming feeling of clutter.

Tip #2: Highlight a Centerpiece
A main accessory, such as a necklace with a special pendant or your favorite timepiece, could serve as a foundation for a seriously snazzy set. If you start with a gold chain link necklace, you can continue to stack it with several thin chain links of white gold or silver. Remember tip number one and maintain a similar theme or style throughout. Chain links of a smaller thickness but very similar craftsmanship would look great alongside a thicker, stand-out centerpiece. As for the wrist, it’s so easy to use a timepiece as the focus of your combination. A stylish silver watch never looks out of place next to a couple of thin yellow-gold Cuban links.

Tip # 3: Get a Combined Piece
This strategy combines both previous tips, maintaining symmetry within a centerpiece to also create a bridge between two metals. A combined silver and gold watch turns out to be clutch in situations like this. You can wear your beloved watch daily, switching between silver or gold rings and bracelets. With a classy time piece at the heart of each ensemble, your choice of accessories will contribute to achieving a distinct look each day.
The bottom line here is to take liberty in combining your white gold, silver jewelry, or gold jewelry as long as it makes sense. Just use your judgment to take care in selecting items that pair well together. Keep things classy, simple, and symmetrical. You can do yourself a favor and throw the rule book out the window! Have fun playing with the contrast of each metal while creating a unique look that represents your style.

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