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If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you have a proposal in mind. You’ve built the foundation for a solid relationship and you’re finally ready to take it to the next level. You’ve been shopping around and noticed that in jewelry in Montreal isn’t hard to find. The hard part is finding something as unique as the way you feel about her. Well, a custom diamond ring might suit you best. Donj is the place to help you design your custom engagement ring in Montreal! You might have noticed that several places offer custom jewelry in Montreal, so what sets us apart? We owe it to our carefully thought out three-step process.

There’s a subtle science in the art of crafting a custom diamond engagement ring. This process, although lathered with creative freedom, does have a certain structure: first, we must conceptualize an idea, then agree on a design, and finally bring it into production. The first part is simply creative genius, unhindered by the laws of logic and left entirely to the limits of imagination. To create a custom diamond engagement ring, a client often shares some images or ideas they’ve seen. It could be as simple as a certain style of ring that they prefer, or they might just have a particular diamond in mind that they know they want to be the center of the piece. In any case, we listen to their input and then work together on each individual detail. The more involved they are in the process, the more streamline it tends to be. Prepping a folder full of images with notes that indicate which aspects of each ring is valued usually works as a very efficient starting point for us to run with. Coming up with the design is both the simplest and most difficult part of crafting. This step tends to happen organically, so often times we may meet more than once to discuss ongoing versions of the ring unless our client really knows exactly what they want. Ideas must be born naturally, with a message in mind and a meaningful intention to portray. It cannot be rushed, made more efficient, therefore beginning this process many months prior to the proposal is ideal.

Translating this idea from a concept to concrete design, however, can be easily facilitated. The next steps are where 3-D printing makes a world of difference. We save so much time and money by using the latest technology available in order to ensure that our products are examples of the finest custom engagement rings in Montreal. Using extremely high resolution software, computer models are generated with extreme precision; there are functions that can project any shape, crevice, straight or curved line with more accuracy than the naked eye can even see. This allows us to create a wax replica for you to scrutinize before committing to production. As jewelers, we find this revolutionary, as we don’t end up touching raw materials until we are definitely both on the same page about what you want. There are few boutiques making custom engagement rings in Montreal this way and we are incredibly proud to bring this technology to you.

Once we’ve confirmed that the computer model is exactly what we want, we use a slicing software to create thousands of very thin cross sections on a new computer file. These sections are then sent to the 3-D printer, which interprets the information as ‘layers’, printing one on top of the other until the entire object is formed. Not the ring that she will be wearing… Just the mold! This mold, inheriting all of the finest details of the original computer generated model, is then used in the casting process where we pour a superheated metal that takes on its exact shape. We polish it by hand, set the necessary stones in place, and engrave a personalized message on the inside if you desired. Waiting patiently in a noble presentation, your custom ring is illuminated by a light within the box when opened. Your certified copy of the proof of diamond quality from G.I.A. is handed to you along with it. Now all that’s left is for you to go ahead and pop the question!

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