Understanding Diamonds

Out of the clamor of unimaginable heat and earthly pressure, diamonds were formed. So what makes one diamond different from another? Curious about the cut, colour, clarity and carat? This blog aims to answer all your questions so you can make an informed purchase.


Prices between different diamonds vary, and it is important that the buyer understands exactly what they are paying for. A higher quality diamond will cost more – the quality being determined according to cut, colour, clarity and carats.


Cut – This is known to have the greatest impact on a diamond’s sparkle. The ideal cut is not too deep, nor too shallow, causing the light to radiate from the top of the diamond and not get lost in the bottom or sides. The Ideal cut, representing 3% of all diamonds, is the highest quality which reflects almost all of the light that enters, followed by very good, good, and fair cuts.


Colour – The second most important factor that influences a diamond’s appearance, noticed immediately after the sparkle, is the colour, or rather, the lack thereof. A diamond is graded based on the lack of colour, marking its transparency.  The colour scale ranges from letters D to Z, as follows:

D; Absolutely colourless.
E-F; Colourless (minute traces of colour can be detected by an expert gemologist).
G-H; Near colourless (colour is difficult to detect unless compared side by side to higher grades).

I-J;  Near colourless. Slightly detectable warm colour tone.

J-Z; Noticeable colour. Yellowish appearance, even to the naked eye.


Clarity – A reference to the imperfections, called inclusions, within the diamond that are usually only visible under a microscope. Although they are not easily visible, the inclusions still impact the way light is transmitted and reflected through the body of the diamond. The fewer and less visible the inclusions are, the higher the grade of the diamond you are purchasing. The scale goes as follows:


FL & IF Flawless & Internally Flawless.  Even under 10x magnification, inclusions are not visible. Less than 1% of all diamonds formed are flawless and less than 3% have very slight blemishes that are considered internally flawless.
VVS1 & VVS2 Very, Very Slightly Included. Inclusions are miniscule and very difficult to see under a microscope even by a professional. VVS1 has very few inclusions while VVS2 has slightly more of them.
VS1 & VS2 Very Slightly Included. This refers to minor inclusions that are difficult to see (VS1) or easy to see (VS2) under a microscope.
S1 & S2 Slightly Included. Noticeable to the naked eye under close scrutiny. Inclusions in S1 diamonds are some times noticeable whereas the inclusions of S2 diamonds are often noticed without magnification.
I1 Included. Obvious inclusions visible to the naked eye.

Carat – How the weight of the diamond is expressed. Keep in mind that a similar sized diamond with a lower quality cut and clarity will appear smaller even with the same number of carats. The price of diamonds increases exponentially as carats do, since the rarity of diamonds is correlated to size. It’s very difficult to find a large diamond with few imperfections and transparency all the way through.


This is where it all comes together. Finding your preferred balance between the type of cut, number of imperfections and size of the diamond will allow you to select your piece based on the desired appearance and your particular budget.

In any case, be sure to purchase from an experienced jeweler who has a thorough understanding of the impact of the 4 C’s. The same diamond can be elevated or degraded based on how it is handled. Donj makes sure to establish an understanding with all of our clients, finding the correct balance of characteristics that will shape the diamond to match the user’s intentions as precisely as possible.

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