Why Leather?

Knowing yourself means knowing your roots, your culture, and your ancestry.

Leather wristwear recalls a time where man was living off the land, experiencing an unparalleled closeness to the world that can only come from a dependence for survival.

As early as the Stone Age, humans have been using animal hides as leather, forming it into instruments, shoes, bags and other accessories.  To early Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilizations, leather bracelets signified leadership. Native American tribes wore leather bracelets in order to connect more deeply with their animal spirits, acknowledging the bond that they have with the land that allowed them to sustain their people.

Leather bracelets reinforce the closeness we share with the natural world, reminding us that when we take, we must take responsibly, use what we need, and always make an effort to give back and protect. This relationship with nature must always be one of respect, understanding, and dignity, reflecting our values as human beings. In fashion, leather has become a minimalist’s expression of elegance and class, but also a symbol of the raw, primal and effortless passion that makes us so special.

Your leather bracelet is the detail that brings your outfit together, but it will also be patiently reminding you of your roots, keeping you grounded and in tune with who you really are.

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Interested in knowing the difference between python and stingray leather?


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