Should You Sleep with Your Jewelry On?

Donj Jewellery oftentimes received questions regarding the long-term care and maintenance of our accessories. Along with cleaning, storage, and periodic refurbishing, a popular question we receive is: Should you sleep with your jewelry? Ultimately, there are a few health risks depending on the type of metal your accessories are made of but the main concern is long-term damage to the piece. This is especially important with expensive items or family heirlooms such as engagement rings which hold sentimental value and might be impossible to replace. This leads to the second question we will address: Should you sleep with your engagement ring on?


Potential Dangers for Him/ Her


In the vast majority of individuals, there are no major health risks associated with wearing jewelry to sleep. It is, however, common to experience mild to moderate allergic reactions when wearing certain lower grade metals for prolonged periods of time. That’s why it makes sense to periodically remove and clean your jewelry. Sometimes, the debris or bacteria that accumulate on the ring is actually what causes the irritation. Regularly wiping down your jewelry as well as going through a thorough clean periodically can decrease discomfort and irritation associated with prolonged exposure. The best way to avoid irritation is to stick to top-quality gold or silver (depending on your allergy). Be careful when you buy jewelry online since fake or sub-par quality gold will often cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin. Be sure to buy rare metals from luxury retailers such as Donj Jewellery to reduce the potential for irritation or allergic reactions from long-term exposure.


Potential Dangers for It


It is definitely not recommended that you sleep with your engagement ring on due to the simple fact that you can damage it over time. Putting weight on it will warp the shape of the band over time, potentially loosening the setting and any accent stones along the shank. These small precious stones can pop out of place and become almost impossible to find. The main stone will probably not be damaged if it’s a white diamond, however, any colored stone or gemstone will deteriorate over time from rubbing against the varied surfaces that your ring comes into contact with as you toss and turn at night. Furthermore, the prongs can snag the bedsheets or your hair! Over time, the prongs can become compromised and break, eventually resulting in the loss of your precious center stone.

Your number one priority when you shop jewelry Canada has to offer is to make sure it is top quality gold or silver regardless of whether you purchase in-store or buy jewelry online. It’s extremely rare to have allergic reactions when wearing the higher purities of gold, such as 18K yellow gold earrings, rings, and necklaces. Now, should you sleep with your engagement ring on? The logic is the same. In this case, you risk losing big-dollar diamonds if the integrity of the ring is ever compromised so it literally pays off to be careful in the way you treat this piece of fine jewelry!


Can You Sleep With Your Jewelry?


Yes, but it is recommended to remove them nightly to give your skin some time to breathe. This protects you and your jewelry, and prevents it from warping from the weight of your body pressing on it as you shift sleep positions.

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