How to choose an engagement ring style

According to Tiffany & Co, a woman looks at her engagement ring about a million times during her life. So no doubt, it’s important to find the perfect engagement ring that’ll make your bride fall in love with you all over again. In fact, experts say that there is an ideal ring for every woman. A jewel that, like her wedding dress, adapts to her tastes and personality and, in a certain way, represents everything that she is. 

It sounds like a high-pressure decision – and honestly? It is. But we’ve got your back. 

There are many types, sizes and varieties of ring styles to take into account when choosing an engagement ring. For example, the diamond cut, the metal color, the size of the stone, the type of diamond and the style of the ring. Considering that the world of diamond jewelry is filled with options, finding the best style of engagement ring for your future fiancée can be challenging. To help you out, we created this engagement ring guide!


What to consider when choosing an engagement ring

The metal

There are different types of metal used for engagement rings:

The diamond cut

The cut determines how the diamond will scatter the light. A poor cut can make a difference in the intensity of the light reflected, not to mention the clarity and color of the diamond itself. Different cuts cause the light to be projected differently. Some types of cuts are round, princess, oval, cushion or emerald and each of them responds uniquely to different types of lighting.

The color of the diamond

Diamonds are evaluated for the absence of color. Lack of color means quality. On the color scale for a diamond, to be considered good quality, it must have a grade of D, E or F. The standard for grading each stone is based on the evaluation of a reference pattern, attributing a grade from D to Z, D being colorless and Z being light yellow.

The diamond clarity

The clarity of a diamond is defined by the number of inclusions, which are internal imperfections, or blemishes that appear at the moment of their formation underground. The more you have, the more it will affect the clarity of the diamond. If a diamond doesn’t have any type of inclusion, it is a diamond of the highest purity so light can pass through without any obstacle.


The carat weight

The carat weight refers to the weight of the diamonds. This is a type of measurement that is used in the world of jewelry. It is important to note that diamonds with the same carat weight can vary significantly in price due to the characteristics mentioned above such as clarity, color and cut. However, the price of a diamond ring depends largely on the carat weight of the center diamond.


What style should an engagement ring be?

It’s important to keep in mind that engagement rings don’t have to have a certain shape or style. The key is to strike a balance between timelessness and personal taste. The engagement ring you choose should be timeless and elegant, but also reflect your bride’s style and personality.

If you want a classic and traditional engagement ring style, we recommend buying a solitaire engagement ring, which only has one stone. This type of ring is generally mounted on a minimalist band with a claw or prong setting. 

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What is the most popular style of engagement ring?

Round-cut diamonds are the most popular cut for engagement rings because of their universal shape, maximum sparkle, brilliance and light performance. 

As for material, 14K or 18K gold is the preferred material when choosing an engagement ring. You can choose between its different shades such as pink, yellow, white, or even combine different shades in the same design. White gold is currently the most popular shade but if you want something different, rose gold is the ideal option.

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10 tips for engagement ring shopping

1. Pick a ring that suits your bride’s style

Getting married is a huge milestone in anyone’s life so it’s important to pay attention to details.  You have to put personal tastes aside, and think about your bride’s taste and personality. 

Here are some tips to guide you when shopping for an engagement ring: 


2. Metal for the band

Choosing the metal of the engagement ring is critical as it has an impact on the overall look of the ring. When choosing alliances, gold is the noblest material with unique characteristics. 18-karat is ideal for fine jewelry because its 75% purity makes it last a lifetime. The natural color is yellow, but alloys give rise to different colors, such as white or pink.

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3. Think about carat weight

The price of a diamond ring depends largely on the carat weight of the diamonds so it’s important to take this into account in your budget. Usually, larger stones are not as clear as smaller ones so make sure to know the preferences of your bride when it comes to carat weight. 


4. Find out her ring size

If you want to seal this moment in a special way, it’s essential for the ring to fit perfectly on your bride’s finger. The engagement ring should not be too loose nor too tight. To find out your girlfriend’s ring size, you can borrow a ring of hers and take it to a jewelry store. Otherwise, you can also ask her family members of close friends if they know what her ring size is. 


5. See how your engagement ring matches with your wedding band

A wedding band is the symbol of your marriage, and it should have a design that goes together with the engagement ring. Matching rings are important so don’t look at the engagement ring and wedding band as separate things. It’s important to look at the whole package.


6. Buy certified stones

This is probably one of the most important purchases you will make in your life so make sure that you purchase a certified diamond from a reputable jeweler. All jewelry from Donj comes with a certificate to guarantee the authenticity of your engagement and wedding ring. It also includes the characteristics of your diamond ring, such as number, size, purity, etc. 

We craft our engagement rings using the highest quality gemstones and metal. 3D printing technology helps us design unique and ultra-finely detailed rings. Each piece of jewelry is meticulously handcrafted to perfection in our Montreal boutique. 


 7. Choose the ring setting

The setting has two purposes. Firstly, to highlight the diamond, and secondly, to protect it from any kind of damage. Keep in mind that different designs offer different types of protection.

There are different types of ring settings:

With a halo ring setting, diamonds or smaller stones are placed around the center diamond. This is a common setting for engagement rings because the center diamond appears much larger than it really is. 

The bezel setting is a traditional setting which is used for solitaire engagement rings. It consists of a metal ring that surrounds the gem girdle around its entire perimeter and bends slightly over the stone. This setting is best suited for round and oval gems. 

The solitaire or prong ring setting generally has four to six metal prongs and doesn’t feature any type of metal rim. Many brides and grooms enjoy this setting because it offers a great balance between security and cost without compromising the design.

The pavé setting is commonly used with small diamonds in a row. The gemstones are in close proximity and almost no precious metal is visible in the diamond ring.


Other engagement ring settings include: 


8. Look at the diamond under different lights

A diamond reverberates all its surroundings. Its interior is made up of many mirrors that project light everywhere so it’s important to know how the diamond behaves when exposed to different types of lighting. Consider where your fiancé will spend most of the time wearing it, and choose the diamond that best matches this location.

We mainly recommend these three places for lighting test:


9. Decide how much you’re willing to spend

Although this is a very personal matter because it depends on your budget, we recommend that you appreciate the unforgettable moment that you are going to share. Keep in mind that this gift represents a promise forever, which should be reflected in the engagement ring.


10. Buy the ring from a trusted jeweler

Buying a diamond engagement ring is an important investment, to say the least. It’s an investment in money, of course, but also in the love and commitment you share with your partner. When shopping for a diamond ring, think about the price but also the quality of the ring. If you shop at a trusted jeweler, you will receive better value for your money and better service. 

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