Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends for 2023

There’s no denying the impact that a bewildering 2022 will have on everyone’s mental health, lifestyle choices and spending habits. 2022’s massive ripple effect has almost instantly altered everyone’s priorities. Trends in engagement rings have also shifted and are expected to continue shifting toward simplicity in 2023. Based on sales data from 2022, elaborate halo clusters and other superfluous styles that were previously all the rage have declined in popularity. We’ll take a little bit to explore some of the upcoming top engagement ring trends for 2023.

1- The Simple Solitaire

It’s time for a timeless classic to step back into the spotlight. The simple solitaire engagement ring has risen in popularity throughout 2022 and is very likely to continue in this upward trend due to its undeniable elegance. Following an increase in minimalist trends, popularized diamond settings for engagement rings will tend to be clean with much less intricate detail. Since the focus is shifting away from complex arrangements, we will start to see more creativity in the type and cut of precious gemstones used. Don’t be surprised if you start to see more custom engagement rings displaying rubies and emeralds as unique, vibrant centerpieces. 

2- Elongated Fancy Diamond Cuts

With the uprising of the simple solitaire, more impressive diamond cuts are used to balance simplicity with extravagance. The solitaire style maintains the focus onto the diamond centerpiece and nothing else. To take advantage of this phenomenon, we’ve seen many people go bigger on the single diamond by choosing atypical elongated cuts like the marquise, pear, and emerald shapes. These stray away from the typical round cut diamond used in the solitaire, creating a grandiose impression without compromising class.

3- Lab Grown Diamonds

The increased availability and decreased manufacturing cost of lab grown diamonds have made them very popular choices in recent years. In 2022, there have been more Canadian engagement rings incorporating lab grown diamonds than ever before. Their purchase cost is much lower than naturally mined diamonds. Since the center stone is usually the most expensive part of the engagement ring, couples looking to save money during this pandemic have turned to lab grown diamonds more desirably. They’re hard to differentiate from naturally sourced diamonds, so most people are perfectly content! You can get almost identical cuts, color and clarity, plus it’s easier and much less expensive to find those higher grades in bigger carats. There’s absolutely no reason for people to shy away from this eco-friendly and ethical source of diamonds in 2023. Learn more about lab grown diamonds.

4- Yellow Gold

Although white gold and rose gold are still popular trends, yellow gold engagement rings are experiencing a resurgence. Many people are nostalgic of the warm feeling brought by the imposing, yet tender energy of yellow gold. This vintage vibe is really sought after and quickly coming back into fashion. It compliments every skin tone and looks good no matter what you choose to wear. Though this resurgence may seem like a new trend, it’s really just an old trend being brought back to life!

5- Gender Fluid Engagement Rings

Here’s something entirely original: engagement rings that blur the lines between traditionally masculine or feminine ring styles. This marks an interesting move away from the classic type of engagement ring for women. It’s a new approach that offers styles which suit both men and women simultaneously, as well as those who don’t conform to gender norms! Brilliant launched their ethically-sourced MX Collection in 2020 for non-binary couples, incorporating varied band widths and customizable gemstones for their preference. Taking it one step further, you can get an engagement ring online that features rainbow diamonds or textured bands, really breaking the confines of typical engagement ring styles. This was a massive hit in 2020 and they expect it to resonate further with the public in 2023.


As a company who balances both generational experience and creative innovation, Donj Jewellery constantly evolves with changes in the jewelry business. Our intrigue by the rapid changes we have seen in 2022 leave us eager to respond with new collections of our own. The top engagement ring trends of 2023 will be reflective of our dramatic deviations both in culture and in style. No matter what changes may occur within this market, we will always urge our clients to put quality first. Trends are nothing more than that, just trends. Investments, however, are for life. Continue to be wise in your affairs by only dealing with reputable jewelers who are committed to providing you the highest quality at the most affordable prices.

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