Can you return an engagement ring if she says no?

Proposing to the love of your life is a massive deal, but sometimes it doesn’t go according to plan! No matter how long you’ve been dating, getting down on one knee and hearing a resounding “no” from your partner is devastating. After the inevitable shock and upset comes the question: what do you do with this unwanted engagement ring?

As engagement rings are expensive, the question of what to do once you no longer need the ring is an important one. Can you get your money back? Luckily, in most cases, you will be able to get some, if not all of the money you spent on the ring back. Below, we walk you through all of your options so that you can make the right decision!


Can you return an engagement ring if she doesn’t like it?

Yes, you can return an engagement ring if she doesn’t like it, but there are some conditions to this. If the engagement ring you purchased is in the exact condition it was when you bought it, most jewelers will understand and allow you to return or exchange the ring.

Boyfriends do not always accurately judge their girlfriend’s taste, so this isn’t too uncommon. In addition to the ring being in mint condition, most jewelers will also give you a time frame within which you can return the ring. On the date of purchase, your jeweler will inform you of how many days you have to return the ring.

Returning the ring becomes more complicated if you have commissioned a custom ring. Because these are designed to your unique specifications, most jewelry shops will not accept returns on these items as they are not generic designs that they are confident they can resell. Most people create custom rings if they know what their partner wants, so this is generally less of a problem, but it is something to keep in mind.

At Donj Jewellery, we want you and your partner to be satisfied with your purchase, so we will work with you to choose a product that will make her smile and that stands as a promise to eternity. However, we understand that sometimes a return is needed. If that is the case, you can get in touch with our customer service team to initiate a returns inquiry. We offer a 15-day no-risk refund guarantee if your ring is under $5,000.

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Is it OK to ask for an engagement ring back?

Although it might seem awkward at first, yes, it is OK to ask for an engagement ring back. There are specific engagement ring laws since there is frequent disagreement over who gets the ring in the case of a break-up. In Canada, it is the general rule that if you bought the ring you are entitled to have it back.

That is because an engagement ring is a conditional gift. It is given with the prerequisite condition of marriage, so if you do not get married, the condition has not been met and the jewelry buyers have the right to ask for it back under the engagement ring law.

The law is a little more complicated if you get married and then want a divorce or separation. Asking for the ring back in these cases often leads to a split in the value of the ring, with half going to each party since the condition of marriage was initially met. However, there is no harm in simply asking for it back, your partner might not want to keep it due to what it represents, but if they say no, the line about who is entitled to what is a little more blurred. 


Can you return an engagement ring if she says no?

Yes, in most cases you can return the engagement ring if she says no, or if you are experiencing a broken engagement. If she says no, you will need to return to the original jeweler and ask them about their returns policy.

We recommend thoroughly reading all of the refund and exchange policies of the jewelry before you buy the ring so that you know your rights if things do not turn out as you had hoped. Once again, there will likely be stipulations to your return, such as the ring being in perfect condition, and you bringing it back in the allotted return time, but note that policies vary from jeweler to jeweler.

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How can I sell my engagement ring?

Selling your engagement ring is a good option, especially if your jeweler will not accept it for a return and refund. The process of selling your ring can take longer than it would have taken to return it, but sometimes it is the only option.

Before you put your engagement ring up for sale, you first need to be 100% sure you know what it is worth. If you recently bought the ring, you should know how much it is worth and try to sell it for the price you bought it for, so you break even and avoid losing money.

However, if it has been a while since you bought the ring, there is a good chance that its value might have depreciated. As different cuts, gems and designs come in and out of style, the value of a ring can change over time. We therefore suggest getting the ring appraised before you sell it so that you can be sure you are not being short-changed.

As to the question of where to sell it, you have a few different options, all with their own pros and cons. If you want a quick sale, we suggest going directly to a jeweler or pawn shop that will offer you a price for your ring on the spot. Although this is the most convenient option, when you sell to people in the industry, you will likely get less money since they too will want to make a profit out of the unwanted engagement ring.

Your other option is to sell it directly to buyers who want the engagement ring for a proposal. This might take longer as you will have to list your ring on a site and wait for someone to be interested to purchase it.


How can I pawn my engagement ring?

Pawning your engagement ring is easy. All you need to do is go to a pawn shop with your ring in hand and see what they offer you. Again, we recommend knowing what your ring is worth before going to a pawn shop so you know a rough ballpark figure of what you should get for it.

However, it is important to remember that pawn shops need to make a profit on the things that they sell, so they will want to purchase the ring from you at a price below what it is worth to make a profit.

Selling your ring to a pawn shop is the answer if you want to get rid of the ring as soon as possible and want a quick sale. Most will accept rings because they are worth a lot of money. Just make sure you find a reputable pawn shop that is willing to pay you a decent amount. You might need to go to a few different stores to get a rate that you are happy with, but this will still likely be easier than trying to sell it to an individual.

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Should you choose to save the ring?

Choosing whether or not to save the ring is an extremely personal decision. Many people do not want the memory of a failed relationship and will want to sell their ring as soon as possible. Others want to keep it because it still has emotional significance to them.

It might also be the case that a person holds onto their engagement ring in the hopes of making things work with their partner in the future, or even with the anticipation that they will fall in love with someone new and use the engagement ring again. A diamond engagement ring, for instance, is a fairly universal ring that most would love to receive.

Another reason some might keep the ring is with the hope that it will increase in value. Most diamond engagement rings will at least hold their value. However, there are some rarer jewels and gems that increase in value. You should therefore properly research your ring and determine if it is likely to increase in worth.

Where can I buy an engagement ring in Quebec?

Donj Jewellery is a Quebec-based jewelry store that can meet all of your engagement ring needs. We understand how important this decision is for you, and the need to get the engagement ring right is a big one. That is why we are here to help you through the process of picking out the perfect ring for your partner.

We offer a wide variety of different types of engagement rings, including:

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