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CUT – Is known to have the greatest impact on a diamond’s sparkle. The excellent cuts are not too deep, nor too shallow, causing the light to radiate from the top of the diamond and not get lost in the bottom or sides. The excellent cut, representing 3% of all diamonds, is the highest quality which reflects almost all of the light that enters, followed by very good, good, and fair cuts.

COLOUR  – The second most important factor that influences a diamond’s appearance, noticed immediately after the sparkle, is the colour, or rather, the lack thereof. A diamond is graded based on the lack of colour, marking its transparency. This is because particles of light are absorbed wherever there is colour, and thus are not reflected back toward the observing eye.

CLARITY – A reference to the imperfections, called inclusions, within the diamond that are usually only visible under a microscope. Although they are not easily visible, the inclusions still impact the way light is transmitted and reflected through the body of the diamond. The fewer and less visible the inclusions are, the higher the grade of the diamond you are purchasing.

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