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GOLD – 24 carat gold is pure, 100 % Gold. We work with a variety of compositions, offering options that suit everybody’s budget and needs. For daily wear, we carry three versions of gold.
Our base tier, 10K, is 41.67% gold and 58.33% alloys. Our middle tier, 14K, is 58.33% gold and 41.67% alloys, and our highest grade, the 18K, is composed of 75% gold and only 25% alloy metals.
Donj uses only top of the line Italian alloys to create the perfect balance of colour for our yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold pieces. In every case, the fine mixtures of earth metals that we incorporate in our pieces allows us to maximize the equilibrium between beauty and durability.

SILVER – The number .925 represents a percentage of silver versus other alloys, much like we describe gold, only instead of caratage we use the percentage of silver directly. Therefore, .925 out of 1 gram of sterling silver is pure silver, in other words, 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloys!
When purchasing sterling silver pieces from a trusted jewellery designer such as Donj, you are guaranteed to receive a metal that will not corrode, or irritate sensitive skin. The way that the metal is handled is very important, and we take the time to finish it smoothly, with an even thickness all around and a classy polish that keeps it looking brilliant for years after its purchase.
Our metals are certified, authentic and are always imported from top-tier reliable sources.

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