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Are you looking for reputable online Canadian jewellers? At Donj Jewellery, we are proud to provide fine detailed jewelry of the highest quality, from engagement rings to gold bracelets. Treat yourself or your loved one to stunning, unique jewelry that suits their taste and style. We also strive to provide all our customers with the best service possible and are on hand to guide you through finding the perfect purchase.

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Why shop with us?

At Donj, we’re not your typical Canadian jewelry store. We started our journey as a small company providing unique and timeless jewelry. While we’ve expanded our business thanks to our stunning collections, our dedication to providing excellent customer service and custom pieces has stayed the same. Our small team of jewelry makers are expert craftsmen, and every item is carefully created and handled across our production line. We also use the newest technologies to ensure our jewelry is of the best possible quality and design. So, why should you shop with Donj Jewellery? Our commitment to quality, design, and the best in customer service. Browse our Canadian jewelry today for a safe and secure online shopping experience.

Excellent Customer Service

At Donj, we offer Canadian jewelry online, but with a difference. We’re 100 percent committed to providing the best customer service possible. We are on hand to talk you through the entire journey of your jewelry – from the initial design to the finishing touches. Our team can talk over the phone or by email if you have any queries. If you have an idea for a custom jewelry piece, send a design to the Donj team, and we’ll provide a detailed cost estimation within 48 hours, free of charge. Once the design is confirmed, our specialist jewelry makers will finish your piece, and you’ll receive it by mail within 2 to 3 days – it’s that easy. Whether you’re buying minimalist rings or Canadian diamonds earrings, we give all our customers the same amount of care. 

A Commitment to Quality

When people hear Donj, they immediately think of quality. That’s because we keep our standards at the highest level possible, offering the finest jewelry at competitive prices. We can maintain our commitment to quality as we’re an independent business with a strong passion for customer relationships. All jewelry made by Donj uses quality metals, leathers, gemstones, and lab-certified diamonds, so you can be sure you’re getting a product designed to last. When choosing a diamond, rest assured that you’ll have an abundance of choices, from 14-karat to 18-karat, and the option to select your diamond’s colour, clarity, and grade. 

Ethical Sourcing

We’re proud that all our diamonds and gemstones are sourced responsibly, and every piece of jewelry we provide will come with a GIA certification. Choose an ethical engagement or wedding ring that you’re proud to have on your finger. 

Custom Engagement Rings in Canada

If you’re shopping around for an engagement ring, finding something as unique and special as your partner can be challenging. That’s why we offer a premium custom diamond engagement ring service, giving you the creative freedom to design a ring for your loved one. Start by conceptualizing an idea with one of our specialists, who will talk through your preferences and options. Next, it’s time to agree on a design that best suits your partner – from diamonds to gemstones and solid gold to silver bands; you can choose a unique finish. If you have a vision of what engagement ring you want, whether a particular shape or colour, show our specialists an image or sketch – we’ll handle the rest. Our team uses state-of-the-art 3-D printing technology when designing custom engagement rings to ensure our pieces are perfect, down to the last line and crevice. We will present you with the wax replica of your dream ring, which you can scrutinize before we move on to making the finished product. Alongside the ring, you’ll also be given proof of diamond quality from GIA, so you can be confident that your engagement ring is pure perfection.

Choose a Unique Diamond That's Right for You

The center diamond allows an engagement or wedding ring to stand out. All our Donj diamonds excel in the 4 C’s that determine high quality: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat weight. If you’re unsure about what shape or diamond type you desire, our designers are on hand to guide you through the choosing process. We’ll show you multiple diamonds, like the classic round finish, the squared Princess cut, the Emerald cut, the Oval cut, the Radiant cut, Asscher cut, or the Pear cut. We understand that buying a diamond is a significant life step, so we collaborate with the Gemological Institute of America, which works tirelessly to protect buyers when purchasing diamonds. With every diamond purchase, we will send you a GIA certification, so you know that your new diamond jewelry has excellent quality and finish. You can also customize your diamond jewelry to suit your tastes, allowing you to choose the band finish – including pure gold, silver, and rose gold. Contact one of our experts today to schedule an appointment regarding your next diamond.

Feel Closer to your Soulmate with Matching Wedding Rings

The engagement and wedding ring should closely match to give synergy to your finger. Even if you didn’t buy your engagement ring with us, we will ensure that both rings match perfectly – whether you want the same material or diamond. If you purchase both rings through us, all our engagement rings come with a suggested matching wedding ring. Even better, our wedding rings are also 30 to 40 percent cheaper than any other Canadian jewelry store, and from diamond eternity rings to classic wedding bands, you’re guaranteed to get a more competitive price with us. If you want to feel closer to your loved one, we also offer matching bands, reminding you of your close bond whenever you look down at your finger. No matter your individual tastes and styles, we’ll work tirelessly to make custom jewelry that you both like. Contact one of our designers today to discuss your matching bands.

Uniquely Crafted Diamond Jewelry in Canada

Our diamond jewelry collection ranges from stunning Canadian diamond rings to popcorn bracelets. At Donj, we strive to use the highest-quality diamonds that meet the standards of the 4 C’s: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat Weight. Alongside this, we only use ethically sourced diamonds certified by the GIA. Browse our range of beautifully designed Canadian jewelry items, including rings, necklaces, studs, and Canadian diamonds earrings, today by visiting our online store.

Our Women's Jewelry Collection

Donj’s women’s Canadian jewelry collection offers stunning, high-quality pieces made from the finest materials. With popular collection items such as diamond necklaces, gold earrings, eternity rings, and Canadian diamonds earrings, our handmade jewelry is made with love by our expert craftsman. Our women’s collection offers character and charm from diamond jewellery, such as Canadian diamond stud earrings, to unique gold pieces, like the Baby Angel Necklace. Shop Donj’s Canadian Jewelry store and find your next unique piece today.

Fine Jewelry for Men

All our Canadian men’s jewelry is made of the highest quality materials and is carefully crafted by our expert jewelers. Some popular items are our range of men’s rings, cufflinks, and bracelets. All our handmade jewellery showcases incredible attention to detail and has a unique design, including the Spartan Ring, gold chains, and the Lion Ring. We also offer custom designs that our expert jewelry makers carefully craft. Contact us today and send images of your designs, and we’ll do the rest. To discover our options, visit Donj’s Canadian jewelry store online.

Handmade Jewelry Designed by You

If you’re looking for Canadian jewelry online stores selling unique, high-quality handmade pieces, look no further than Donj. Our Canadian custom jewelry is made from the finest, ethically sourced materials, giving you peace of mind when shopping with us. We specialize in custom-made engagement rings using your ideas. We agree on a design and produce a stunning end product using the newest technologies, allowing us to practice extreme precision. At Donj, we don’t just stop at custom Canadian diamond rings. We also create bracelets, necklaces, and earrings using your unique designs. We’re proud to be one of the only Canadian online jewelry stores to offer this service. Book an appointment here if you’d like to discuss making custom Canadian jewelry today.

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The Online Canadian Jewelry Store with a Difference

Other Canadian jewelry companies don’t do it like Donj. We’re committed to providing you with the highest quality custom jewelry and the best customer service possible, all online. Shopping for your next piece online is far more convenient and allows us to give you a better range of options, with all our collections available from our easy-to-navigate website. Ensure you choose the right product with a 360 degrees view of every ring to see every line and crevice. We’re committed to providing all our customers with a secure and seamless online shopping experience, whether you’re looking for gold jewelry online or something as significant as an engagement ring. Visit our website today to browse all our high-quality, stunning jewelry collections.

Custom Canadian Fine Jewelry

As a Canadian jewelry store, Donj doesn’t just sell custom pieces. We also sell various collections of fine jewelry curated by our experts. Whether you’re interested in Canadian diamond jewelry, or a delicate gold bracelet, we take the time to produce detailed pieces using innovative technology combined with expert craftsmanship. As a Canadian jewelry company, we specialize in creating fine jewelry products using precious metals such as solid yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and sterling silver. We also use the finest precious stones, including rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and more. If you want Canadian-made jewelry with a special touch, browse our collection today. If you’re interested in custom pieces, book an appointment to talk to one of our dedicated team.

The Highest Quality Canadian Gold Jewelry

At Donj, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of solid gold Canadian jewelry for both men and women, including unique and expertly crafted pieces such as the Miami Cuban Bracelets, gold rings, and Gold Necklaces. There’s no need to worry about quality with us. Our Canadian gold jewelry is only made using the highest quality materials, including yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold in 10k, 14k, 18k, and 22k, depending on your preferences. We also have a highly popular collection of solid gold chains, including the popular Figaro chains, Franco chains, Box chains, and Curb chains. At Donj, we’re committed to customization, which is why we also offer various widths and lengths you can choose from. If you want to go further, you can “ice” your chain by adding diamonds. We make Canada gold jewelry designed to last, with all our solid gold pieces retaining their value and appreciating over time. Are you ready to invest in your next solid gold piece? Shop our range of Canadian gold jewelry online, or talk to one of our gold specialists today.

Jewelry Repairs

If you’re an avid wearer of jewelry, you’ll know that most pieces are subjected to wear and tear – especially if you wear your beloved necklaces or rings daily. At Donj, we understand the importance of keeping your jewelry looking its best, so we offer a repair service to ensure your pieces stand the test of time. Whether you need cleaning, repairs, or maintenance, our ateliers are on hand to maintain your precious pieces. With decades of experience, you can entrust us with even your most sentimental jewelry items.


Needing to resize your ring is natural. It can happen as part of getting older or when your finger changes size in colder months. If your ring is constantly falling off or feels uncomfortable on your finger, don’t worry. At Donj, we offer resizing services so that your ring always fits perfectly on your finger.

Keep your Jewelry Shining

Donj offers professional cleaning and polishing services to keep your diamonds, gemstones, and pearls looking brand new if your jewellery isn’t quite as shiny as it used to be. If your gold jewellery isn’t looking like it used to, we also offer plating to help it shine. The benefits of plating include better affordability, durability, and ensuring your gold jewelry stands the test of time. For Canadian jewelry cleaning services, contact us at +1 (855) 498-DONJ.


Authentic Crystals You Can Trust

If you want to improve your life with power crystals like hematite, tiger eye, and sodalite, we sell ethical gemstones in various textures and designs. Find the bracelet that best fits your style while benefiting from its healing effects. We also make custom bracelets that will perfectly fit your wrist – let us know your size requirements, and our jewelry makers will craft a stunning bracelet tailored to you. Benefitting from your crystal bracelet is simple. All you need to do is charge your crystal by holding it under cold water, immersing it in sea salt, or placing it in sun or moonlight. If you’re interested in the benefits of charging and using healing crystals for your mind, body, and soul, visit this article here.

The Highest-Quality Python and Stingray Leather Bracelets

If exotic leather bracelets are on your wishlist, Donj sells a variety of python and stingray designs at affordable prices. Stand out from the crowd with our extraordinary range of exotic bracelets designed to make an impact. We’ll also tailor all jewelry to your wrist with custom sizing and designs while still keeping the cost affordable and within your specific budget. All our exotic pieces are responsibly sourced, so you can feel confident wearing your new bracelet on your wrist. Some of our most popular pieces include the Impact CZ Stingray Bracelet and the Impact CZ Python Bracelet. 

Shop with Donj Jewellery today

Rather than shopping at Canadian diamond stores that offer a limited range of jewelry options, choose Donj. We’re an online Canadian jewelry store with a difference: we provide custom-made and high-quality jewelry to our clients, from Canadian diamond rings to the finest gold jewelry. As online Canadian jewellers, we’re committed to delivering stunning jewelry items and ensuring we always listen to our online customers with excellent customer service. Shop jewelry online, call, or book an appointment at Donj and find your next dream jewelry piece.

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