Donj Jewellery is proud to do business in Toronto. We aim to serve clients who are looking for engagement rings, wedding rings, everyday fine jewellery, custom-made jewelry or the perfect gift. We do it all.

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>At Donj, our purpose is to surpass your expectations, with both our quality and our service. Visit us and let one of our expert designers make it easy for you, ensuring that you find your perfect piece before it is handcrafted directly in our  jewelry atelier. All of our products are handcrafted in-house. We use ethically-sourced diamonds and sustainably-sourced precious metals to create a piece that is meant to last a lifetime. Shop with peace of mind with our 14-day money-back guarantee & one-year warranty on all our products.

You can also shop online by ordering from our website.


Alongside our custom jewelry offerings, we carry a vast, curated collection of fine jewelry. Whether you are looking for an engagement ring, a valued piece to pass through generations, or a statement piece to add to your collection, Donj can produce it. Our attention to detail, innovative technology and excellent craftsmanship allow us to create quality fine pieces for an affordable price. Do you have a piece in mind? Let us turn your idea into gold.


At Donj, we create fine products using various precious metals and precious stones. We carry solid yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold (in 10k, 14k, 18k and 22k), as well as platinum and sterling silver. All of our diamonds 0.50ct and over are GIA or IGI certified and come with an independent appraisal. We also work with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, black onyx and much more.

Not sure what to choose? We can help! We have a wide variety of gold rings, gold pendants, diamond rings, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, tennis bracelets, leather bracelets, and much more!


Are you looking for the perfect engagement ring in TORONTO? Give us a call to book a free consultation with one of our designers. Come have an online meeting and learn about the 4 C’s of diamond quality, the different types of gold and how we use the most innovative technology to design and create your ideal diamond. 

We want to create a long-term relationship with our clients, offering excellent customer service – before, during and after the sale. We operate with radical transparency, making sure you know the exact pricing details of your heartfelt piece at each step. Come see us if you are looking to propose to the love of your life!


The first thing to do is pick the style that best suits your partner. Your partner might value a simple and clean ring, like the classic appearance of a solitaire setting, which has one diamond featured on top of the ring. If your partner follows current trends, they might appreciate a halo setting that features small diamonds surrounding a center stone, which creates a brilliant look and is our most popular setting. Pave setting is also a popular setting that features a row of diamonds set very closely together. In other words, the band is “paved” with diamonds.


Once you’ve picked a style of ring, it’s time to choose a center diamond around which the ring will be made. There are 4 C’s that determine a diamond’s quality – Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight. Our jewelers will work alongside you to find a stone that is perfect for you. Some might prefer a classic round diamond, whereas others might prefer a squared Princess cut, Emerald cut , Cushion cut, Radiant cut, Asscher cut, Oval cut, Pear cut, or Marquise cut center stone. Browse our wide range of engagement rings online or drop by our store to find your partner’s dream ring.

Your peace of mind is important to us, which is why we collaborate with the Gemological Institute of America , which is a non-profit created to protect buyers when purchasing diamonds. We ensure our diamonds are sourced ethically, are certified by the GIA and are hand selected for quality and consistency.

“Our mission is to protect all buyers and sellers of gemstones by setting and maintaining the standards used to evaluate gemstone quality.” – GIA Contact us today to schedule your appointment with one of our diamond experts!


It is important for the wedding ring and engagement ring to match. Whether you bought your engagement ring from Donj or not, we can match the engagement ring perfectly. Each of our engagement rings has a suggested matching wedding ring. We not only offer quality wedding rings but we also offer them at approximately 30-40% cheaper than traditional jewelry stores. We have it all – from diamond eternity rings, three-stone wedding rings, and the classic wedding bands. No matter your taste, we can help find the perfect rings for him and her. Contact one of our designers today.


We have a wide variety of necklaces for you to choose from, whether you are looking for 10k gold, 14k gold or 18k gold. Our pendants are all 3D modeled to have the highest quality. The chains we use are meant to be minimal yet sturdy. We have a large selection of horoscope necklaces, dainty necklaces, trendy necklaces, and statement necklaces. Find the perfect daily accessory in our large collection of necklaces found here.


From curved climber earrings to Two-tone dangling earrings to hoop earrings, you will find many different styles of women’s earrings at Donj Jewellery. Our 14K gold earrings are very popular with their different designs, such as Geometric Earrings, diamond encrusted CZ Princess Studs and hoop earrings, so anyone can find the piece that represents them or will perfectly complement an outfit for a special occasion.

Gold earrings are the perfect option for those with a sensitivity to silver and other metals, so they can enjoy them regularly. Buying fine or solid gold earrings is an investment: you can enjoy it without lowering its value!


We have a wide variety of solid gold chains, including the popular Miami cuban link chain,, Rope chains, Figaro chains, Franco chains, Box chains, Curb chains, Moon cut chains, Paper clip chains and many more. We offer all of these styles in either bracelets or necklaces. Our most popular is yellow gold, but we also offer gold chains in rose gold and white gold – with a variety of widths and lengths for you to choose from. A popular option is also adding “ice” to your solid gold chain, which means covering parts of the chain in diamonds.

Gold jewelry is known as an investment piece. Not only do solid gold pieces retain their value, they also appreciate over time.

Men’s Rings

Gold rings are among the most popular choices for men, they offer a timeless style that is often handed down through generations. We offer wedding bands for men, as well as custom and statement rings for daily wear. All Donj rings are crafted with extraordinary care and are available in a variety of colors and metals including tungsten rings, titanium rings and black rings. See our wide collection of men’s wedding rings and men’s designer rings.


Custom jewelry is our specialty. We love making custom-designed pieces for our clients and turning their ideas into gold. We use 3D-printing technology to fully model your design before we create it, which allows us to decrease the cost and increase the quality. We provide unlimited revisions until we get your piece just right. Have an idea for a custom piece?

Let our expert designers help you bring it to life!


There is something special about wearing a piece of jewelry that is unique to you and not worn by anyone else. It can be a piece that you designed or a piece that has sentimental value. Whatever the case may be, bring us your ideas and we will help bring your idea to life. Custom jewelry can be worn to signify something meaningful to the wearer. We love being part of that process and delivering the piece is always our favourite moment.


When customizing jewelry pieces, it’s imperative to work with a jeweler that has a reputation rooted in excellence like Donj Jewellery. Between your own specific vision and the skillful crafting of our designer, you can get the perfect accessory you’ve always wanted. Contact us for more information about custom jewelry.



While it’s easy to fall for a diamond, not all diamonds are created equal. At Donj Jewellery, we ensure that our diamonds are the most special, rarest, and gorgeous stones in the world, each sourced from reputable sources.

Working with a professional on such a vital purchase is advisable, and we’ll help you choose an ethically-sourced conflict-free diamond that’s right for you. All of our diamonds are GIA Certified and ethically sourced from conflict-free zones.

The mining of diamonds in these countries is done under safe conditions and for fair wages. In addition, their mining profits help them invest in infrastructure and support sustainable development. Contact us for more details.


Some of our beaded bracelets are equipped with ethical gemstones and healing power crystals, such as hematite, tiger eye, and sodalite. Learn more about the benefits of charging and using crystals. With our plethora of textures and designs, you are sure to find a bracelet that fits your style. Visit our store or order your perfect beaded bracelet to Toronto from our website today. We are ready to serve you.

We stock a large inventory of bracelets so that you don’t miss your size when you shop at our store or on our website. Let us know your size requirements and we will craft the piece specifically tailored to your wrist.


Donj Jewellery stocks a variety of exotic leather bracelets at affordable prices. Whether you are searching for stingray or python, be assured you’ll find an accessory at a price that works for you.

We want you to shine when you go out and stand out from the crowd with a memorable piece on your wrist.

Shop with us today to find the right leather bracelet for your style and personality.

Anytime you want to purchase exotic leather bracelets in Toronto, talk to Donj Jewellery. Apart from being the leading jewelry store for all types of gold and diamonds rings and chains in Montreal, we also stock quality and affordable leather bracelets of all shapes and sizes.


You won’t find any other jewelry store who can top our quality price ratio, our exceptional customer service, and the delightful journey you will go through with one of our expert jewelers when picking your jewelry. To shop online, take a look at our homepage, rest easy with our secure checkout, free shipping, easy returns, hassle-free refunds, and exceptional customer care.

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